Background Tasks


The Background Tasks report provides a list of completed and running tasks in the system, including:

  • Broken Link Report
  • Build Search Index
  • Copy
  • Daily Content Report
  • Google Analytics Sync
  • Page Render (longer than 10 seconds)
  • Recycle Bin Purge
  • Site Export
  • Site Import
  • Scheduled LDAP Sync

The list of results contains the following information:

  • Task Type - see above.
  • Initiated By - the username of the user who initiated the task. For scheduled tasks this will be the system user.
  • Start Date - the time the task was initiated. Hover over this column for for an exact date/time.
  • End Date - the time the task completed or failed. Hover over this column for an exact date/time.
  • Related Asset - for tasks such as page renders, the asset associated with the task.
  • Status - indicates if the task completed, failed, or is still running.
  • Duration - the time the task took to complete or fail.

Filtering the Report

The following filters are available to refine the results of the report:

  • Start Date - tasks initiated after the selected date/time.
  • End Date - tasks that completed or failed before the selected date/time.
  • Minimum Duration in Seconds - tasks that took longer than the selected duration to complete or fail.
  • Task Type - see above.
  • Task Status - whether the task completed, failed, or is still running.