Workflows Report


The Workflows report displays a list of in-progress and/or completed workflows within sites that you can access.

The report defaults to displaying all In Progress workflows, but you can use the quick filter tabs at the top to display Overdue workflows as well. Additional filtering options are available under Filter Results, see "Filtering the Report" for more information.

Note - If there are workflows that are in an error state, an In Error quick filter tab will appear.

The workflows list provides the following information:

  • Workflow name - The name of the workflow and a link to the workflow screen.
  • Asset in workflow - The name of the asset in workflow and a link to the asset.
  • Submitted by - The name of the user who initiated the workflow (also known as the "workflow owner").
  • Started on - The date the workflow was initiated. Hover the value for an exact date and time.
  • Due date - The date the workflow is due. Hover the value for an exact date and time.

Filtering the Report

The following filters are available for filtering the report:

  • Workflow status - Display in-progress, completed, or all workflows.
  • From/To - Display workflows with any activity, such as the date they were initiated or the date they're due, within a specific timeframe.
  • Site - Display workflows for assets within specified site(s) that you can access.
  • Started by - Display workflows initiated by specified User(s) (also known as the "workflow owner").
  • Assigned to - Display workflows currently waiting on specified Users and/or Group(s) (also known as the "current step owner").