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Community Resource Hub

Hannon Hill supports our Cascade Server user community with a number of avenues for interaction, collaboration, and education.  

Knowledge Base


Full documentation and self-service training is available for content contributors, information architects, system administrators, developers, and web designers. Hannon Hill offers free web-based tutorials and getting-started guides. Documentation also includes white papers, best practices documents, FAQs, and other pieces of information to help maximize the success of your Cascade Server integration.

Help Forum


Everybody can search our help forum for articles and FAQs, ask questions, and participate in discussions with our Product Engineers, Support Team, Services Developers, and of course, other Cascade Server users.

Code Sharing


Our Services, Support, and Engineering teams are very open and they're not afraid to share their code with our customers. Therefore, we created a GITHUB repository, where anyone can download examples (including, but not limited to, migration tools, XSLT, Velocity, Publish Triggers, and Web Services). Of course, we also encourage our customers to share their code to our GITHUB repository as well.

Cascade Server Community Listserv


The Cascade Server Community Listserv is a excellent resource created and maintained by our large Community. If you're looking for tips, additional code examples, or you just want to compare notes with other organizations around the country that utilize Cascade Server, be sure to subscribe to the listserv. 


( - Client Webinars) 

( - Hannon Hill Webinars)

We are very proud to say that Hannon Hill has been offering webinars for years. Not only do we offer webinars on best practices, tips and tricks, and product features, but our Cascade Server community also continues to step up to the plate and host webinars on how they leverage the power of Cascade. It’s a true community effort, and something that we're looking forward to providing on an ongoing basis.

Idea Exchange


User experience and our customers’ needs have always been our number one priority, which is why several years ago, we implemented our idea exchange, where current customers can discuss their ideas and suggestions for Cascade Server, and vote up the features that are most important to them. Many of the requested features have already made it into the product, and we encourage to keep the ideas coming, as they always play a vital role in our product road map.

Cascade Server Exchange


Our Cascade Server Exchange is a resource where you can download code, modules, and even entire sites, as well as watch product videos and walk through tutorials.

User Conference


Our annual user conference is the highlight of our year, since we get to interact with our customers face to face, discuss new ideas, learn from each other, and just have a great time! And, as you would expect from us, we make our conference videos available to anyone.

Regional User Groups

Our users in North America have created their own user groups based on geography and common interests. For example, we have one just for community colleges. We currently have about ten active user groups who meet monthly or bi-monthly. If you're interested in joining an existing user group or starting a new one, please let us know by emailing us at info [at] 

Twitter Hannon Hill on Twitter


Over the last few years, we've worked hard to build a Twitter community that our users and other members of the higher education community will find valuable and engaging. We post 10-20 times per week with new blog posts, higher education news and links, content marketing articles, company and product news, takeaways from conferences we attend and sponsor, and other carefully curated content. Follow us at @hannon_hill and keep and eye on the #cascadeserver hashtag. We also use a #csuc12 hashtag for news about our upcoming Cascade Server User Conference (see above). You can check out a sample of our recent twitter activity in the feed to the left. Also, feel free to tweet to us at any time! 

LinkedIn User Group LinkedIn Cascade Server User Group


Our LinkedIn Cascade Server User Group is a place for users to bring up questions for group discussion and for us to tell our users about important product and company news. Members also frequently post job openings, which we also help promote to the community. We invite you to join the group today to keep up with the news and discussions!