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Revisit the 2024 Cascade User Conference round table discussion and join Jaime Hunt, Kristin Nichols, and Dr. Allison Turcio to learn how you can safely navigate the looming demographic enrollment cliff. This is a session you can't afford to miss!/p>

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Explore strategies to tackle higher education's demographic enrollment cliff in this webinar with experts Dr. Carrie Phillips and Chris Rapozo. Learn how to attract non-traditional students and adapt to shifts from 2025 to 2037. Essential insights for higher ed professionals.

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Dive into Hannon Hill's webinar on "Maximizing Enrollment: Leveraging Website Personalization to Attract Mission-Fit Students" with Bart Caylor and Chris Rapozo and unlock the secrets to overcoming the enrollment cliff.

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Research Papers

Higher education is on the brink of a significant challenge known as the Demographic Enrollment Cliff. To successfully face this challenge, higher-ed institutions must consider expanding their enrollment marketing strategies beyond traditional students and focus on previously under-targeted groups, such as non-traditional students. This white paper explores the non-traditional student target audience and how to serve them.

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Blog Posts

Facing the Enrollment Cliff: Effective Marketing Strategies for Higher Education

Unlock expert strategies on navigating the demographic enrollment cliff from the 2024 Cascade CMS User Conference keynote. Dive into our recap for essential higher ed marketing and student engagement tips.

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How Higher-Ed Institutions Can Prepare for the Enrollment Cliff

This blog post explores strategies for higher-ed institutions to navigate the demographic enrollment cliff, highlighting the importance of brand storytelling, flexible programming, and diversity. Learn how you can adapt to declining student numbers and maintain financial stability amidst this challenging landscape.

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Navigating the Future: Overcoming the Enrollment Cliff in Higher Education

Explore key insights from Hannon Hill's webinar on "Navigating the Demographic Enrollment Cliff" with experts discussing marketing shifts in higher-ed to address non-traditional student challenges.

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