Employee Spotlight: Matthew Wren

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By Chris Rapozo — Jan 25, 2024 11:00 AM

The image is an employee spotlight promotional banner featuring a man named Matthew Wren alongside a stylized graphic of a cyclist, with the Hannon Hill company logo in the corner.
What do you do at Hannon Hill?

As a Web Development Support and Services Specialist at Hannon Hill, I play a dual role bridging our Web Services and Support departments.

My expertise is in tackling specialized projects that demand more nuanced support beyond our standard offering. I seamlessly navigate between project management and responding to support tickets, ensuring a smooth workflow and high-quality results.

Before Hannon Hill, where did you work?

Prior to my journey at Hannon Hill, I spent over 11 years at The University of Scranton as a Web Designer/Developer.

This role was pivotal in honing my skills with Cascade CMS, where I developed a deep proficiency and comfort with the platform, setting the foundation for my current role.

Who inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

My career path crystallized in college, spurred by an inspiring Web Development class taught by a particularly engaging adjunct professor. His unique teaching style ignited my passion for web design and development.

Alongside this, I was fortunate to have supportive friends who were ahead of me in school, offering guidance and support during my formative years.

What's the best advice you can give to someone who just started their career?

Embrace every opportunity, even those that seem out of reach or highly ambitious.

Dismissing your chances without trying guarantees no chance at all. 

Remember, you might be the perfect fit for a role that seems like a long shot. It’s crucial to take that leap – you never know where it might land you.

What influenced your decision to work with Hannon Hill?

My relationship with Hannon Hill began during my tenure at The University of Scranton, with my first Cascade CMS User Conference in 2012 as an eager learner soaking up all I could about Cascade CMS.

Over the years, my admiration for Hannon Hill grew with each conference, and when an opportunity arose to join the team, I eagerly seized it, excited to contribute to a company I had long admired.

What do you do for fun?
Matthew Wren Employee Spotlight - Trumpet

My leisure time is a blend of outdoor adventures and musical pursuits. I'm an avid enthusiast of camping, hiking, cycling, and weightlifting.

Cycling holds a special place in my heart, and I've completed several centurie

s (100-mile rides), including participating in the Bike MS 150 in Western PA, a challenging two-day event covering 150 miles.

Recently, I embarked on a thrilling 4-day backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon, a stark contrast to my usual terrains.

Apart from these physical activities, I have a passion for cooking and playing the trumpet. I regularly contribute my trumpet skills to a local college's symphonic and jazz ensembles, adding a musical dimension to my diverse hobbies.

Most favorite place you ever visited and why?

Of all the places I've had the pleasure to visit, Edinburgh, Scotland, stands out as an enchanting destination.

Its unique blend of whimsical streets, breathtaking landscapes, majestic castles, and rich history left an indelible mark on me.

The unexpected joy and fascination I found in Edinburgh's charm is what makes it so memorable. As a travel enthusiast, I've visited many beautiful places, but Edinburgh's allure is unparalleled, making it my favorite destination.

Matthew Wren Employee Spotlight - Scotland

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