Creating Content


To create new content in Cascade CMS:

  1. Click Add Content and select an appropriate Asset Factory for the type of content you wish to create.
    • Asset Factories are set up by your Cascade CMS administrator(s), so if you're not seeing any options, reach out to your web team for assistance.
  2. In the Name field, enter a name for your asset, if applicable.
    • Some Asset Factories are set up to create the asset name automatically based on the Title you provide or other metadata.
  3. In the Placement Folder field, choose the folder where the asset should be stored, if applicable.
  4. Depending on the asset type chosen, you may see either pre-defined content fields to fill out or a single code editor or WYSIWYG content editor.
  5. Enter any necessary information in the Metadata Fields for your page (Title, Description, etc.), which may be located inline or on the Metadata tab.
  6. Click Preview Draft to see a preview of what your content will look like.
  7. Once you're ready to publish, click Submit and enter any version comments you'd like to be stored with the version history of the asset.
    • Cascade CMS pre-populates some comments, but you can also substitute your own or add additional details.
  8. Click Submit, or Check Content & Submit if applicable, to check for spelling errors, broken links, and potential accessibility issues and submit your changes.
    • If your site uses workflow, you may be prompted to enter comments for the workflow reviewer and start the workflow at this point.
  9. For publishable assets, click Publish to send your content to the web server. Or if your site uses workflow, wait for the workflow to be approved.