Cascade Basics


The search bar provides an easy way to perform powerful searches within the Cascade CMS content repository.

Asset Display Options

Cascade CMS provides two options to display asset links: by their system name or by their Title or Display Name.

Comments and Mentions

All assets within the Site Content area support threaded commenting to provide a discussion about the asset.

Context Menu

The context menu, accessible by right-clicking on any asset, provides you with a menu of available actions for that asset.

Creating Content

Use the Add Content menu to start creating content in Cascade CMS.

Daily Content Report

The Daily Content Report is a daily email summary of your action items, content updates, and content health alerts across all of your sites.

Drafts and Working Copies

Drafts and working copies allow you to save changes to assets in Cascade CMS as you work on them.

My Content

The My Content area and dashboard widget allow you to quickly access all of the content you're responsible for.

The Dashboard

The Cascade CMS dashboard is a bird's eye view of your action items, notifications, and site content. You can add or customize widgets to reflect data from one or more of your sites.

User Menu and Account Settings

Your account settings are accessible when viewing any area in Cascade CMS. To access the user settings menu, click on the letter representing your name (or your profile picture if you have one set) in the upper-right corner.