Drafts and Working Copies


When you edit an asset, Cascade CMS automatically saves a draft of your changes. You can preview these changes before submitting them by clicking Preview Draft.

  • Drafts allow you to save a partially-updated version of an asset to be completed later without the risk of those changes being published accidentally.
  • They also allow you to preview your changes on a rendered page as they're made without having to submit a new version of the asset. This is especially useful for assets that require workflow, because you can edit and preview the asset multiple times before submitting it to workflow.
  • Drafts, especially automatic drafts, help prevent loss of data in the event of a browser or computer crash.

All of your drafts are available to view in the My Content menu or dashboard widget under Drafts. You'll also be reminded if you edit an asset you already have an existing draft for.

viewing a draft

Checking Out / Locking Assets

Drafts allow you to save and preview changes to an asset to submit later, but if you'd like to prevent other users from editing the same asset you're working on, you can exclusively check out / lock any asset you have write access to by clicking More > Check-out/Lock.

This creates a working copy of the asset, with which you can:

  • Commit Changes, which finalizes and submits the changes or sends them into workflow.
  • Break Lock, which discards your changes.
  • You can also reassign the lock to another user, so long as they also have write access to the asset.

Your checked out assets are listed in the My Content menu or dashboard widget under Locked Assets. If an asset has a working copy, you can view it by switching to the Working Copy view.

viewing a working copy