Context Menu


The context menu, accessible by right-clicking on any asset, provides you with a menu of available actions for that asset. Only actions you have permission to take will be available. For example, if you don't have permission to edit a page, the Edit option will not be available in the context menu.

asset context menu

Available Actions

  1. Star / Unstar ( / ) - Star the asset to easily find it again. Your starred assets can be found in the My Content area and Dashboard widget and in asset choosers.
  2. Name - The system name of the asset, which is used in the published URL if it's a publishable asset such as a page, file, or folder. Click the asset link to preview it in the CMS or click the View on the live website ( ) link to view it on your live web server (if published).
  3. Path - The site name and relative path of the asset within the site. Click the Click to copy path ( ) link to copy the asset's path to your clipboard.
  4. Edit - Edit the asset.
  5. Publish (for publishable assets such as files, pages, and folders) - Publish the asset.

Additional options are available are available under the More menu:

  1. Move - Move the asset to another location.
  2. Rename - Change the system name of the asset.
  3. Copy - Make a copy of the asset.
  4. Delete - Delete the asset.
  5. Unpublish (for publishable assets such as files, pages, and folders) - Remove the asset from the web server.
  6. Access - Set read and write permissions for the asset.
  7. Access for contents (for folders) - Update permissions for assets inside the folder.
  8. Check-out/Lock - Lock an asset to create a Working Copy and prevent others from submitting changes to it.
  9. Workflows (for folders) - Assign workflows for the contents of the selected folder.
  10. Bulk Change (for folders) - Change one or more of the following properties of assets contained in the selected folder in bulk:
    • Content Type (for pages)
    • Metadata Set (for folders, files, blocks, and/or links)
    • Data Definition (for XHTML/Data Definition blocks)
  11. Relationships - View (and publish, if applicable) content that links to the asset.
  12. Audits - View a summary of activities related to the asset.
  13. Versions - View previous versions of the asset.
  14. Reference - Create an aliased link that allows the asset to be indexed in another location.
  15. Tasks - View tasks associated with the asset.