Cascade Basics

Comments and Mentions

Mentioning Users (@mention)

Certain comment areas support the use of @mentions as a means to include users into a conversation by simply referencing their username with an @ symbol. When a user is mentioned, they will receive a notification within Cascade CMS as well as an email notification.

Note - Email notifications will only be sent if Cascade CMS is properly configured to send email and the user mentioned has a valid email address.

Asset Comments

All assets within the Site Content area support threaded commenting to provide a discussion about the asset. Individual comments can be replied to, (un)resolved, and deleted. Asset comments support @mentions.

Task Comments

When interacting with Tasks in Cascade CMS, the comments field supports @mentions.

Workflow Comments

Each transition step when an asset goes through Workflow contains a comments field allowing for a conversation about what has changed or to provide actionable feedback between transition steps.

Version Comments

All assets within the Site Content area have a comments field during submission to enter information about what has changed for that particular version.

Automatic Version Comments

Comments for a particular version of an asset will be automatically populated while a user is editing that asset. Periodically, when a draft is saved for an asset, the version comments field located at the bottom of the screen will be populated with information about fields that have been modified.  

The content of the comment will change depending on the number of fields updated and whether or not fields were cleared, updated, or went from being empty to being populated. For smaller changes, the content of modified fields will be included. As the number of fields changed grows, only the name of each field will be listed along with information about how the field was changed (cleared, updated, or populated). If the number of fields changed grows to a very large number, a comment reporting only the number of fields changed will be generated.

This auto-populated comment can be modified or cleared if the user wishes to customize the version comment or not to submit a version comment at all.

Other Automatic Comment Scenarios

Listed below are other scenarios in which version comments will be automatically generated:

  • Creating a new asset.
  • Copying an asset.
  • Importing an asset using Import Site.
  • Importing an asset using a zip archive.
  • Activating a previous version.