User Menu and Account Settings


Your account settings are accessible when viewing any area in Cascade CMS. To access them, click on the letter representing your name (or your profile picture if you have one set) in the upper-right corner.

  • Settings - Configure some basic preferences for how you interact with Cascade CMS (see Account Settings).
  • History - View your recently-visited assets in the My Content area.
  • Notifications - View your notifications such as workflow notifications, publish reports, and user mentions.
  • Tasks - View tasks that are assigned to you.
  • Sign Out - Log out of Cascade CMS. After a period of inactivity set by your CMS administrator, you'll be logged out automatically.

Account Settings

To access your account settings, click on the user menu button and then click Settings. The following settings are available to configure:

  • Unpublish on Move / Delete - Determine whether the unpublish option is enabled by default when moving, renaming, or deleting an asset. To avoid creating "orphaned" assets on your web server, we recommend leaving this option enabled.
  • Appearance of Asset Links - View assets by either their Title/Display Name or their system name in Cascade CMS. For more information, see Asset Display Options.
  • Daily Content Report - Subscribe or unsubscribe from the Daily Content Report if it's enabled for your system.
  • Default Site - Choose your default site here to pre-filter new dashboard widgets and reports to display data from this site.
  • Change Password - If your organization uses Active Directory, LDAP, or something similar for logging in users, you won't see this option.
  • Change Profile Photo - Drag and drop an image file or choose one from your computer to create a profile image. This image will be displayed next to your username in Cascade CMS.