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Cascade CMS 8.16 Now Available

Features & Improvements

  • Broadcast Messages are now Announcements and there's a new announcement type: Sticky Announcements. Sticky Announcements display on all user Dashboards and can be used to provide information such as contacts or links to your documentation. In addition, you can now see all active and pending announcements in the system and use links and styling in your messages with the provided WYSIWYG.
  • Applicable Custom Formats from your WYSIWYG Editor Configuration are now available when inserting or updating images and links (a or img elements). You can also see existing CSS classes when updating images and links.
  • New user API Keys provide a secure way to call Web Services/REST API operations from external scripts and applications.
  • We've made a number of accessibility-focused improvements such as: adding "skip to" links to improve navigation for users who rely on assistive technologies, ensuring tooltips are available not only on mouse hover but also with keyboard focus throughout the interface, and correcting color contrast and readability improvements throughout the interface.
  • When working with API objects, metadata and dynamic metadata fields will be cached after loading to improve rendering time during operations such as sorting on dynamic metadata values.
  • New Cascade API methods have been added to obtain the Metadata Set, Content Type and Data Definition of applicable assets as well as label and value information for possible and selected field items for applicable Dynamic Metadata and Structured Data fields.
  • New methods for the Escape Tool to unescape HTML, JavaScript, and XML markup.
  • New methods for the String Tool include a String builder and a method to generate universally unique IDs (UUID).
  • New Locator Tool methods to locate Formats and Linkable assets.
  • New Regex Tool allows you to compile regular expressions.
  • Image file dimensions are now available via Cascade API and Index Blocks.
  • We've added support for outbound proxies for system-generated emails such as workflow emails and content review notifications. For more information please see "Configuring outbound proxy support for system-generated emails".

Released Aug 14, 2020