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Cascade CMS 8.17 Now Available

Features & Improvements

  • We've improved load times when editing Pages and Data Definition Blocks featuring many dropdowns, WYSIWYG fields, and Smart Fields.
  • The date/time picker used throughout the interface has been updated for improved accessibility and a better user experience.
  • You can now star assets to easily navigate to them. Starred assets are available in the My Content area and Dashboard widget and in appropriate asset choosers.
  • We've updated the asset context menu to include additional information for various types of assets such as files and blocks, a live link to view publishable assets on a remote server and additional  actions are now tucked under a "More" section to mimic the actions shown when viewing an asset and to also reduce the initial height of the context menu.
  • Date and time fields throughout the application are now more lenient allowing users to manually enter different types of date/time formats.
  • To help prevent leaving empty directories on the web server, when unpublishing assets Cascade CMS will now check if the assets' parent folder on the web server is empty and if so will attempt to delete it (with the exception of the site's base folder).
  • We've introduced new link rewriting options that can be configured under Site Settings. Choose whether internal links within the same site are written as absolute, relative, or site relative links by default. These settings can be overridden at the asset level which replaces the "Maintain site-relative links in content" option.
  • Removed support for previously deprecated Oracle 11, SQL Server 2012 and MySQL 5.5.

Released Dec 30, 2020