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Hannon Hill's service team has been there to guide us throughout the process, answering all of our questions quickly and they continue to guide us. We always feel like valued customers, despite knowing there are plenty of other schools that must need assistance as well. Our users are latching onto the system with ease for their updates and we're excited for the future in Cascade!

Jill Whitaker
Southern Utah University

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Site development and Professional Services are available for any size project and can be tailored for every stage of the implementation process, depending on your needs or experience. Our Professional Services team has carried out complex integration projects for many of our clients and can offer expert consulting on how to get the most out of your Cascade CMS implementation. No matter what type of assistance you need, our Professional Services team will help you succeed. Whether you want to turbocharge your Cascade CMS implementation with a QuickStart Package, custom projects or a complete turnkey solution, we’ll deliver and collaborate with you all the way to ensure project success.

Here are some of the many options available to you.



A QuickStart package is designed to get you up and running in Cascade CMS. We'll integrate a portion of your website, which you will be able to use as an example to implement any additional page types.


Custom Integration

Hannon Hill can also deliver a complete turnkey solution. Using a modified SCRUM approach allows us to closely work with you throughout the integration process and address potential changes very quickly. 



If you do not have a full-blown project in mind, a mini-project agreement (MPA) may be the perfect option for your organization. MPAs are blocks of Professional Services hours that never expire and can be used for minor integration tasks or troubleshooting.



Our training is designed to help users become self-sufficient in Cascade CMS and build out sites from scratch. We offer both onsite and remote training, as well as options tailored to different audience types. Visit our Training Page to learn more.



The Professional Services team has completed numerous migration projects from many different content management systems including Serena Collage, Luminis CMS, Ektron, and Drupal. Visit our Content Migration page to learn more.



We also provide ad hoc consulting to our customers, which can be provided through screen-sharing sessions. Let us know the types of things you need help with, and we'll create a custom consulting package for you.


Site Setup Audit

The Professional Services team can lend an extra eye to your site setup in Cascade CMS. We can give you detailed best practices on how to improve your setup of templates, sites, permissions, and much more - with a focus on the future.


Rapid Development

See an example on the Cascade Exchange that you want with your custom branding, but don't have the time to set it up? The Professional Services team can set it up to your specifications to help get you off the ground faster.

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