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We provide comprehensive training programs for both technical-users and end-users of Cascade CMS. Below are some of your options.

This two day hands-on training covers everything you need to know to integrate your website(s) into Cascade CMS and provide system administration.

The number of participants in these trainings does not affect the price. However, we recommend keeping the number of attendees to 12 or fewer to ensure the best possible interaction with the trainer.

Target audience: Developers and Cascade Administrators or anyone responsible for integrating and maintaining sites in Cascade CMS. Please note that the workshop is not intended for end users.

Topics for the two-day training include, but are not limited to:
  • Cascade CMS Technical Basics
  • User Management: roles, permissions & access
  • Workflows
  • Templates, Configuration Sets & Content (Page) Types
  • Metadata & Structured Data
  • Introduction to XML & Formats
  • Site Creation & Organization
  • Publishing
Choose the format that works best for you:
  • Onsite: We’ll bring the training to you.
  • Hannon Hill Headquarters: Hosted in our dedicated training facility.
  • Remote: We'll teleconference using an online meeting solution.

At no extra cost, we offer video recordings of any training session – providing a valuable refresher course later on.

While most of our customers are very comfortable handling end user training in-house, we do offer customized end user training, which includes hands-on experience on your specific site or sites. We develop a custom curriculum based on your integration. 

Format: If you expect the training to take more than one day, we will be happy to come on-site. Otherwise, we host the training via a screen-sharing session. We also record each session and make the videos available to you afterwards.

As part of our ongoing effort to improve client satisfaction, Hannon Hill is proud to offer our clients additional training options. Hannon Hill customers now can engage in small, online training sessions designed to cover, in detail, any specific portion of Cascade CMS. The sessions range from two to four hours where advanced topics such as workflow, web services, Velocity or XSLT formats can be covered.

Interactive Customized Training sessions are scheduled on a per-organization basis and allow up to eight individuals to interact with the instructor and ask questions that will help tailor the material to their particular needs.  All sessions are recorded for your convenience.

Some Suggested Topics:

  • Workflow Basics (Straight Approval)
  • Workflow with a Staging Review (above but with customized destinations & publish-working-copy)
  • Velocity Formats
  • Planning Site Structure
  • Writing Publish Triggers
  • Writing Asset Factory Plug-ins
  • Image Asset Best Practices (including lessons on existing AF plug-ins)
  • Integrating Google Analytics
  • WordPress Connector & Twitter Connector usage
  • Publishing Non-XML Dynamic Content (like JavaScript, JSON, PHP)
  • Optimization strategies

Next Scheduled Workshop Dates

The next dates for our free training are on the 12th and 23rd of April 2019.  10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Eastern).  

Register for one of these dates now!  You will receive additional information including the GoToMeeting link and the url to your own training site.

The cut-off date for registration is April 5th but the training workshops may fill up before then.

Register for the free Cascade CMS workshop

General Details


  • For 2019, workshops will be held in January, April, July and October.  Usually two workshops will be held during each of those months.
  • The sessions will be conducted remotely using video-conferencing software.
  • There will be a fifteen-minute Q&A before training begins; login information will be provided at that time.
  • Breaks occur throughout the day. Participants are asked not to leave and re-join the training, if at all possible, as each step builds on the previous one.


This training is oriented toward web developers and system administrators; it is not designed for end users.  No previous knowledge of Cascade CMS is required.  However, participants will be provided with links to some introductory information upon registering.

In addition, participants should have the following:

  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS--participants do not have to be able to write code from scratch but will need a basic understanding of what different HTML tags mean.
  • Participants should have access to, and basic familiarity with, a text editor.
  • Participants may communicate with the trainer vocally (or via text chat) when needed.


Fifteen participants are allowed, with no more than two people per organization per session.

  • Workshop rosters will close roughly a week before the workshop. However, be aware that training sessions may fill up before then.
  • We maintain a rotating wait-list for individuals who do not make the cut-off date.
  • All training sessions will be recorded and a link to the recording will be provided within a few days after the training.

Training Agenda

Topics for the one-day training include:
  • Overview of the Cascade 8 interface
  • System & Site Administration: users, roles, groups, workflows
  • Creating Templates & Blocks
  • Configuration Sets & Content Types
  • Metadata & Structured Data (Data Definitions)
  • Introduction to XML & Formats (Velocity)


1. Can we modify the training for your organization?

     Custom training can always be arranged, if desired.  However, the free training format does not lend itself to customization.  We believe Cascade users should have a baseline level of experience in Cascade and our format is tailored to hit that baseline.

2. Can we sign-up more than two people for the training?

     No, Hannon Hill wants to train as many organizations as possible each quarter. Additional users can sign up for a subsequent training.

3. Can we share computers during training (like in a central room)?

     Hannon Hill does not recommend this unless the second user is a business user that just wants to follow along with a technical user. Otherwise, our belief is that people learn best by doing.

As you may know, we offer Spectate, our content-marketing tool, to all of our Cascade CMS customers free of charge. We want to empower you to manage the entire content life cycle, beyond just creating content. If you would like to learn more about how you can leverage Spectate, in conjunction with Cascade CMS, to amplify your content marketing, our free monthly demo webinar is a great place to start. 

Topics will include:

  • Overview of the tool
  • Campaigns
  • Forms
  • Emails and Nurture Programs
  • Social Posts
  • A/B Testing & Personalized Content

Currently there are no scheduled Spectate Demos.  Please contact if you have any questions regarding Spectate.

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