A Proactive Approach To Perfecting Your Website

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Last Updated: Aug 4, 2021 11:00 AM


This is a guest blog post by Jasmine de Guzman, Field Marketing Manager at Monsido. Monsido - a SaaS company focused on web governance and accessibility compliance.

Hannon Hill, makers of Cascade CMS, and Monsido are technology partners, and the new integration between Cascade CMS and the Monsido platform delivers more seamless website management.

Whether you're a web administrator, marketer or content contributor, you've probably received a note from other departments reporting an error on your website. And whether it's a misspelling, broken link, or maybe even a missing alt text- it can be frustrating and difficult to keep track of these small website errors.

The Website Experience Is Vital

But do these small website errors really matter? The answer is - YES. Your website is a vital digital hub for your school community. Prospective and current students, parents and guardians, as well as faculty rely on your website to provide them with relevant and up-to-date information.

Errors disrupt the website experience, and create more manual work for your organization. For example, imagine a school website where users are given the option to enroll for a class either via link to an online form OR enroll at a registration office.

Today's tech savvy student body would most likely use the link to enroll, as it saves them time from physically visiting your location - and ultimately also saves your staff from the manual process of registration. A broken link to an important enrollment page can create more manual work for your staff, and makes students feel that your website is unreliable.

The same goes for web accessibility. 25% of the US population lives with some kind of disability, and having accessibility errors like poor color contrast, improper heading structure or not being compatible with assistive technology, can hinder them from having equal access to your website.

Therefore, it's important to address all aspects of your website experience, including quality assurance errors, branding, web accessibility, performance, SEO, data privacy and more. By taking a holistic perspective on the health of your website, you can get closer to achieving that perfect website experience.

Take A Proactive Approach

As technology partners, Monsido and Hannon Hill make it easier to get an overview of website errors and take a proactive approach to correcting them. Users of the Monsido and Cascade CMS platforms can now take advantage of our integration, which makes it seamless for school websites to actively address errors before they reach the users.

How it works: Monsido scans your website on a weekly basis for errors and provides an overview of all the issues on your website on the Monsido platform. A weekly error report will also be sent to you via email. With the Monsido Browser Extension now integrated with Cascade CMS, you can go directly from the error on the platform to the page where the issue is located. The Monsido Browser Extension also highlights the error on-page, making it easy to see the impact of that error, and allows you to quickly navigate directly into Cascade CMS to make the correction.

Want to see it in action? Check out our video below:

Video: The All-New Monsido Browser Extension

Ready To Perfect Your Website?

Already a Monsido and Cascade CMS user? Login to Monsido and install the Browser Extension and connect it with your Cascade CMS account today.

Not yet a customer? Reach out to us and we'll get you set up with a demo to show you how Cascade CMS and Monsido can help you save time on managing website errors.

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Jasmine de Guzman
Field Marketing Manager at Monsido


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