Making the Case for Cascade Cloud

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Last Updated: Mar 9, 2021 11:00 AM


New technologies are emerging at an extraordinarily fast pace, and speed of adoption is critical to staying competitive. Moving to Cloud-based services enables organizations to act more expeditiously and scale more easily, all while freeing up technical resources to focus on other innovative projects. 

Despite Cloud’s eventual dominance, some remain committed to premise-based environments, potentially holding themselves back from better performance. Companies that delay Cloud deployments risk more than the added flexibility, scalability and speed that Cloud offers—they risk being left behind by an ever-evolving tech landscape. 

According to an EDUCAUSE report, the Cloud model results in better utilization of resources, including an increase in server utilization to 60-70% (compared to the typical 30%). It also enables organizations to consolidate data centers. Finally, the report mentions “improved productivity in application development, application management, network, and among end users”. 

Additionally, reducing your data center footprint not only results in less time spent on upgrades, patches, and license management, it reduces power and cooling costs.

In addition to the advantages listed above, there are other reasons why choosing Cascade Cloud benefits your organization. Let’s take a look at the five compelling factors to make a case for Cascade Cloud.

Hassle-Free Installations and Upgrades

Why burden your IT department with something that has become a commodity? Instead, enable them focus on more strategic initiatives and let us handle the provisioning of your CMS server and database. We handle all upgrades, bug fixes, and security updates so that you experience minimal downtime and no bottlenecks.

Peace of Mind

With Cascade Cloud, you don’t have to worry about security, backups, or even disaster recovery. Should there be a security update that needs to be implemented, we can apply it instantaneously. We use best-of-breed service providers who follow the most stringent security recommendations. Those services allow us to provide a snapshot of your database and restore it to a previous state within minutes. We can even spin up a new instance at a different location. Moreover, our Service Level Agreement assures you optimal service and uptime, which minimizes risk. 

Faster Troubleshooting 

One of the biggest benefits of Cascade Cloud is that we can exponentially expedite the resolution of support tickets. Instead of sending the database back and forth and needing support engineers to replicate your environment, we can simply log in to your cloud instance and diagnose the issue. 

A Better CMS Experience 

You can rely on our technical expertise to ensure that users have the best possible CMS experience. In addition to providing you with the setup and infrastructure that best suits your needs, we also provide advanced functionality in Cascade Cloud. For example, because we control the technology and infrastructure, we are able to provide more integrations with other systems. Finally, because we are able to obtain usage data from our cloud instances, we can develop better software for you at a faster pace. 

Better Products 

As a cloud-based solution, it’s easier to QA the product, and changes and fixes can be deployed within seconds. Because we can connect directly with your end users and constantly monitor areas of improvement, we deliver better solutions. The more data we collect, the more patterns we identify across organizations, enabling us to derive insights and create things that, in some cases, users didn’t even know they needed.

Wrap Up

Cloud offerings enable organizations to innovate, improve resource allocations, increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase scalability and agility. In terms of Cloud-based content management systems, organizations are reaping other benefits including faster troubleshooting, peace of mind, and a better experience for both technical users and content contributors.

To continue the discussion about Cascade Cloud, please reach out to us by emailing We're eager to get the conversation going and learn more about your organization's web goals.

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