Organizations We Admire: Diversity and Inclusion

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Last Updated: Feb 2, 2021 11:00 AM


The college experience can be transformative and eye-opening for students, but also daunting for many, especially those of underrepresented groups. Colleges and universities are recognizing the need to not just support those individuals, but to provide opportunities to educate all of their students, staff, and faculty, on diversity and inclusion. It’s no surprise that a lot of our customers have created sections on their websites that are specifically dedicated to their Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. Let’s take a look at a few that we thought are particularly impressive.

The University of Scranton


The University of Scranton has a sizable section of their website dedicated to diversity, which is linked to right from the homepage. The contact information for the Office of Equity and Diversity is included on every page of the section. The Recommendations and Actions page lists recent meetings, initiatives, and policies, as well as resources for faculty, staff, and students. An entire page is dedicated to the definition of discrimination, how to report incidents and resources & support. The University places great importance on education with regard to diversity and inclusion and offers an impressive spectrum of workshops, training, and other events, such as lunch and learns.

Clemson University


Clemson University, which has been recognized as one of the top colleges for diversity, also has an extensive Inclusion section, which spotlights news and events related to diversity, such as Strategic Inclusive Excellence Certification Workshops, covering topics from LGBTQ Awareness and Empathy to Hispanic Engagement in Academia. These virtual events can be streamed live or on-demand. The section also includes individual pages for each commission, such as the Commission on Accessibility, Commission on the Black Experience, Commission on Latino Affairs, LGBTQ Commission, Commission on Women, and Veterans Commission.

Emory University


Emory University features their Arts and Social Justice program on their homepage. It is designed to bring students and faculty members together with local Atlanta artists in order to find ways in which creative expression can foster social change. The homepage further emphasizes the University’s focus on diversity through a featured article about Martin Luther King Jr, a link to the Emory Magazine’s issue on Black leaders at the university, and to the website’s Diversity section, which allows visitors to see the wide array of diversity offices and groups, including resources for International Students.

Hudson Valley Community College


Hudson Valley Community College’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion section shows just big of a part the college plays in its community, not just for its students. For instance, the ODEI hosts a monthly podcast called Community Conversations, in which members of the community discuss current events and news. Listeners are encouraged to participate live via the website. Furthermore, the ODEI has gained national recognition for its efforts, as it won an award for “Inspiring Programs in STEM”. ODEI also shares relevant news via their Facebook page, sends out a monthly newsletter, and offers a variety of workshops that don’t just focus on the College, but also on how to raise diversity in other aspects of your life.

Xavier University


Xavier University is another example of a website that links from the homepage to the Diversity section, which features rich video content showcasing individuals from all walks of life. “All One” is the mantra. The university is also transparent with regard to numbers and shows that 21% of its student body consists of students of color and represents 48 countries and 19 religions. Xavier has 15 different identity-based student clubs and organizations, geared towards uniting underrepresented populations, and it encourages students to form additional clubs. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion offers many helpful initiatives, including one called Smooth Transitions, a year long mentoring program, whose goal it is to support underrepresented students succeed academically and socially.

Which universities have impressed you with their efforts in Diversity and Inclusion? We’d love to hear from you and showcase your organization’s effort to make the world a more inclusive place for everyone.