2023 Cassie Awards - Succeeding With Cascade CMS

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By Kat Liendgens — Dec 6, 2022 11:00 AM


We're excited to announce the return of the annual Cassie Awards. Let's celebrate our customers, who are doing amazing things with Cascade and with their website, by recognizing them at the virtual Cassie Award Ceremony as part of our User Conference in February.

Please submit your nominations for the categories below by January 15, and don't be shy to nominate your own organization or team! Please be sure to state your reason for the nomination as well. We look forward to reviewing all of them.

Here are the categories:

Early Adopter

Some of our customers embrace new Cascade features very quickly and find ways to foster adoption among their users in an effective way. Which organization has had the best adoption of a new feature that best showcases the functionality of Cascade CMS?

Lightning Bolt

This award honors the customer who was able to migrate from their previous CMS to Cascade and went live in the shortest amount of time. How quickly did your organization get off the ground in Cascade?

Rookie of the Year

We continue to be impressed by how quickly new users learn Cascade. This award goes to the new customer who has been the fastest to pick up the technical aspects during training and get their organization up to a running start.

Lifetime Achievement

This award honors a Cascade user who has not only done amazing things with the product, but also made their mark in the Cascade community.

Biggest Fan of Cascade

We are so thankful for our amazing customers, who are always willing to connect with other users and prospects and have become true champions of Cascade CMS and Hannon Hill as partners. Which client has been Hannon Hill's biggest cheerleader?

Hannon Hill MVP

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and since most of our team members are customer-facing, we hope there's no shortage of nominations. Which Hannon Hiller has provided the best customer experience?

Most Creative Use of Cascade CMS

Our customers always find ways to accomplish creative and exciting new things with Cascade. This award goes to the customer who has been a trailblazer when it comes to the use of Cascade and has found an innovative way to leverage the system.

Most Innovative Use of Clive

Over 100 of our customers are already using Clive. They not just leverage the form builder in creative ways but also deliver superior user experiences on their site through web personalization. Which organization has been able to achieve outstanding results through a clever implementation of Clive?

Best New Site powered by Cascade CMS

This award honors the organization that has implemented the most impressive Cascade-powered site in terms of design, content, and implementation. Has your organization rolled out a new Cascade-powered website over the last twelve months? What makes it unique?

Ready to cast your vote?

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