Cascade CMS Chronicles: 8.21 On-Prem Release Spotlight

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By Chris Rapozo — Aug 11, 2022 11:00 AM


We are pleased to inform all Cascade CMS users that Cascade CMS version 8.21 is now available for download. 

To all on-premise customers, please upgrade to Cascade CMS version 8.21 as soon as possible to enjoy the latest improvements to the workflow interface, workflow report, and Cascade CMS's multi-tabbed editing feature.

To all Cascade Cloud customers, please continue reading to better understand the newest features, improvements, and fixes that are now available to you.

Workflow Interface

We improved and streamlined all workflow interactions through the application. End users can now clearly see the status and timeline of events in workflow and take quick actions directly from the workflow screen.  

Workflow Report

We published a new-and-improved Workflows Report, which displays a list of in-progress and/or completed workflows within sites. This feature is great when managing multiple sites at once and helps contributors better identify workflow items that have caused bottlenecks. The new Workflow Report is also an excellent way to share content that has been vetted prior to being published.

Multi-Tabbed Editing

You asked and we listened. By popular demand, Cascade CMS 8.21 now supports editing content in multiple browser tabs simultaneously. Users can copy content from one Edit screen to another without closing an existing Edit screen. Game changer!

Additional Updates 

Efficiency is key in today's digital age. Cascade CMS version 8.21 requires fewer system resources to create copies of page assets, leading to an improved load time of structured data edit modals with several visible drop-downs, WYSIWYG editors, and Date Picker fields.

Next Steps

Please visit the Release Notes page for the complete list of features and improvements, requirements, and upgrade guide.

View the Release Notes

When you're ready to upgrade to Cascade CMS version 8.21, please visit the downloads page.

VISIT the downloads page


As always, we thank our community of Cascaders for your suggestions and encourage you to continue sharing your ideas with us on the Idea Portal.

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