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Cascade CMS Chronicles: 8.22 On-Prem Release Spotlight

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We are excited to announce that Cascade CMS version 8.22 is now available for download. 

To all on-premise customers, please upgrade to Cascade CMS version 8.22 as soon as possible to enjoy the latest improvements to structured data blocks and pages, new Query API enhancements, and an updated Google Analytics Connector verification process.

To all Cascade Cloud customers, please continue reading to better understand the newest features, improvements, and fixes that are already available to you.

Structured Data Blocks and Pages

Our Product team improved the load time of structured data edit modals for complex implementation to help make your front-end web design changes more efficient.

Move any structured data groups that allow multiples to the top or bottom within the edit interface, as well as drag and re-order structured data fields and groups at will. You can also drag a "multiple" field from one group to another that matches the same path.

To make this process easy to use, our team updated the user experience design of the controls used to modify structured data fields and groups set to multiple and improved accessibility for assistive technologies when editing the blocks and pages. 

WebP Support

This release introduces support for WebP images which can now be uploaded and previewed throughout the system. WebP images are great way to bring down file sizes and improve web performance on your sites.

Easier file uploads with Workflow

Uploading files while editing a page no longer requires the Bypass Workflow ability. The file chooser's upload tab will now indicate folders restricted by workflow for the user and allow them to upload files into folders where no workflow is required. This is a great way to maintain the benefits of workflow for pages but give users the flexibility of convenient file uploads.

Query API

We're happy to introduce new Query API methods for fetching assets by structured data and dynamic metadata preloading methods to reduce the overhead and improve performance when finding and loading content.

Google Analytics Connector 

We updated the Google Analytics Connector verification process within Cascade CMS to adhere to Google's latest authentication requirements, which will change in early 2023.

Next Steps

Please visit the Release Notes page for the complete list of features and improvements, requirements, and upgrade guide.

View the Release Notes

When you're ready to upgrade to Cascade CMS version 8.22, please visit the downloads page.

VISIT the downloads page

As always, we thank our community of Cascaders for your suggestions and encourage you to continue sharing your ideas with us on the Idea Portal.

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2022 11:00 AM

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