Four Characteristics of Highly-Effective Content

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Last Updated: Jul 21, 2022 11:00 AM


Most can agree that things like readability, spelling, formatting, and expertise are required when creating content, especially when writing for the web. But do these traits make a piece of content inherently good?

Although they are important, the answer is…no.

What defines quality content is its ability to entertain, provide a solution to a challenge, share a unique perspective, and drive the reader to take the next logical action. With these, it can be assumed that Google rankings will improve and marketing objectives will be achieved. 

Let’s take a look at four simple content guidelines.

Effective content is entertaining

Not all content needs to delight the reader, but it should deliver value. And it should be interesting, leaving them with something to think about.

A compelling headline combined with content worth knowing will draw in audiences and enhance credibility. And sometimes the trick is to focus on benefits, storytelling, and thought leadership, versus consistently leading with features and value prop.

Effective content provides a solution

Well-rounded content not only promises value, it delivers on it. Thinking through challenges to solutions demonstrates that the author understands the reader and cares about meaningful information versus hype. 

Content that is fun with goals around engagement—things like quizzes and polls—certainly have their place. Lightness is welcomed. Just find your balance.

Effective content contains information a reader can’t find elsewhere

Original and authentic content will not only impress readers, it will help searchability and boost rankings on search engine results pages. Duplicate content does not fare well with Google, so fresh, original content is best.

Additionally, If you’re providing information viewers can’t find elsewhere, you will drive traffic, increase conversions, and position your organization as a thought leader.

Effective content drives the reader to take the next relevant action

Conversions are a measurable way of determining how well a piece of content is performing. If your content is entertaining, valuable, and unique, a call to action makes it easy for the reader to take the next step. And remember that CTAs are most effective when they appear throughout the text.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a piece of content is not effective when the real issue is lack of guidance towards the next relevant action.

Wrap Up

A more scientific approach to content creation will likely serve your organization well. Sometimes more—more time, more budget, more resources—is not better. Not every piece of content needs to accomplish every marketing goal.

Content that is entertaining, valuable, unique, and compelling will lead to business success.

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