Calling All Speakers for #CUC24!

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By Chris Rapozo — Aug 10, 2023 11:00 AM


Attention higher-ed web and marketing thought leaders!

The 2024 Cascade CMS User Conference is on the horizon, and here's why you should consider stepping up to share your ideas:

  1. Showcase Your Expertise: Our platform offers an unmatched opportunity to present your insights, innovations, and best practices to an engaged audience, all passionate about the future of higher-ed web and marketing.

  2. Shape the Conversation: As a thought leader, your voice can guide the direction of the industry. Share your vision, challenges, and solutions to influence the trajectory of higher-ed web and marketing advancements.

  3. Network with Peers: Connect with like-minded professionals, and forge relationships and collaborations that can propel your work and ideas even further.

  4. Receive Constructive Feedback: Engage in enriching discussions during and post-presentation. The Cascade CMS community is known for its supportive feedback, helping you refine and elevate your ideas.

  5. Amplify Your Brand: Elevate your personal, institution or company brand's visibility and stature in the higher-ed community. Speaking at #CUC24 positions you at the forefront of the higher-ed industry leadership.

  6. Contribute to Growth: The knowledge you share contributes to the collective growth of our industry, driving innovation and excellence in marketing and web practices globally.

Topics we’d love to hear about:

  • Integrating Cascade CMS with other systems
  • Consolidating templates
  • Creative uses of Web Services
  • Transitioning from XSLT to Velocity
  • Content personalization
  • How to help contributors create more effective content
  • Maximizing end user adoption
  • Website redesign process
  • How to ensure web accessibility to prevent legal actions
  • Generative AI in higher-ed

Other topics we'd love to see client presentations cover:

  • Web analytics: What are the most important metrics to track in order to get actionable data?
  • Enterprise level templates: How do you address content sharing, individual identities, and a global brand?
  • Social media strategy: How to develop a documented social media strategy? Which metrics to use, how to set goals, and which tools to use?

Event details:

  • When: February 20-22, 2024
  • Where: Online
  • Who: Cascade CMS users
  • Format: One day of technical workshops (optional), followed by two days of traditional conference sessions 


The Cascade CMS User Conference has always been a nexus for breakthrough ideas and pioneering leaders. 

If you're at the cutting edge of higher-ed and web thought leadership, we invite you to participate in our vibrant dialogue. 

Submit your call for speakers, and let's shape the future of higher-ed web and marketing together!

If you have a Cascade CMS success story - or learning experience! - we want to hear from you. Looking forward to seeing everyone in February!

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