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March 2023 Work Anniversary

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March Work Anniversary.

In the month of March, we're proud to celebrate the work anniversaries of the following two Hannon Hill team members:

Brad Kazmer

As Manager of Hannon Hill's Professional Services team, Brad Kazmer oversees all professional services associated with Cascade CMS for the company's clients.

Brad provides pre-sales consulting and manages all customer projects, including initial product implementations and integrations and delegation of subsequent service requests.

Before he joined Hannon Hill, Brad was the general manager of a consulting practice that provided professional services on Content Management Systems and custom application development. 

When we asked Brad what his favorite thing about working at Hannon Hill was, he said:

I enjoy working with Higher Education organizations. Our customers make a positive impact on many people's lives as well as their communities, and we play a small role in helping our customers achieve those goals.

What was Brad's biggest achievement since joining Hannon Hill?

I am very proud of the Professional Services team at Hannon Hill. My teammates exhibit a rare combination of technical expertise, customer focus, and teamwork. It takes a lot of motivated people to build a high-performing team, and we should appreciate it.

What does Brad look forward to in the future with Hannon Hill?

The technical landscape for web content management systems is constantly evolving, and I expect our clients to continually increase their technical expectations for functionality. This can mean many things, like deeper integrations with other systems, robust personalization, and an introduction to AI. The future at Hannon Hill will also include new technical challenges and learning opportunities.

Johannes Schuetze

Johannes is Hannon Hill's Site Reliability & DevOps Engineer. He is responsible for ensuring our systems meet the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Service Level Objective (SLO) to improve reliability and performance. He provides our software engineers with the tools they need to develop and release code, as well as various other responsibilities of SRE and DevOps.

When we asked Johannes what his favorite thing about working at Hannon Hill was, he said:

My favorite thing about working at Hannon Hill is the opportunity to grow as a professional. I have access to interesting projects, can drive a transition to new technologies, and automate as much as I like.

What was Johannes' biggest achievement since joining Hannon Hill? 

My biggest achievement was spearheading a project that brought major changes to the environment that our systems run in. We reworked how our systems are deployed and secured. Another achievement that I am proud of is our ever-improving security posture and the ratings we score in our audits.

What does Johannes look forward to in the future with Hannon Hill?

I look forward to automating more and more processes to maximize our productivity and stay focused on doing the work we all enjoy the most to deliver a great user experience on all our services.

Brad and Johannes are integral parts of our organization's future success, and we are proud to have both on our team.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

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