Content Management



Tasks allow content managers and contributors to create and organize their to-do lists in Cascade CMS. Tasks can be associated with all Site Content area assets including pages, files, blocks, and formats.

You can access your task list by clicking your User icon/name > Tasks. In the tasks menu, you'll find the following tasks lists:

  • Assigned to Me - Tasks assigned to you.
  • Created by Me - Tasks you've created, including those you're not assigned to.
  • Participating Only - Tasks you're participating in, but didn't create and aren't assigned to.
  • Completed - Tasks you've completed.

To view all tasks associated with an asset, click More > Tasks while viewing the asset. In the asset tasks menu, you'll find the following lists:

  • Tasks Assigned to Me - Tasks associated with the asset and assigned to you.
  • All Active Tasks - All tasks associated with the asset regardless of assignee.

Creating a Task

You can create new tasks from several areas within Cascade CMS:

  • From the Tasks menu by clicking New Task.
  • From your My Upcoming Tasks dashboard widget by clicking Add Task.
  • From the My Content menu by clicking Add Task.
  • From the associated asset itself by clicking More > Tasks > Add Task.
  1. In the Create a Task menu, enter to following:
    • Name - The name of the task.
    • Description - A short, text-only description or instructions for the task.
    • Assigned User - You can delegate the task to another user or click "Choose Myself" to assign the task to yourself.
    • Priority - Tasks can be labeled Low, Normal, or High priority for task list sorting purposes.
    • Due Date - The date by which the task should be completed.
    • Related Asset - The asset associated with the task.
  2. Click Create.

Adding Task Participants

By default, task participants include the user who created the task and the user assigned to the task. You can add additional participants to the task:

  • By @mentioning the user(s) in a task comment.
  • Manually, under Participants by clicking Choose Users.

New task participants will receive a notification that they've been included on the task.

Note - Users who are participating in a task can view it, comment on it, and resolve it. They cannot edit or delete it.

Changing the Status of a Task

Tasks can be resolved/reopened by any participant when it is considered completed or needs to be re-opened. To resolve/reopen a task, participants can do one of the following:

  • View the task and click Resolve/Reopen
  • Right-click on a link for the task and click Resolve/Reopen in the context menu
  • View the assigned tasks tab in My Content, or the Tasks screen, and select the desired task row(s). Click the Resolve/Reopen button at the top of the table.
Task participants will receive a notification when the status of a task is changed.