Four Personalization Quick Wins to Try Today

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By Laura Rives — Jul 28, 2020 11:00 AM


If you’re ready to test the waters of personalization, there are some easy-to-implement techniques that will deliver business value to your organization. While a long-term strategic plan is important, experiencing a few quick wins will invigorate you to get started on the path to personalization.

Show Location-Specific Content

Personalization based on where a user lives or where they are in a particular moment enables you to show content in context. It can make an experience more relevant and reduce the number of clicks required to find what they are looking for.

Additionally, personalization based on geolocation can help you with goals like recruiting more international students, encouraging appointments with regional advisors, or driving more foot traffic to local stores.

Showing location-specific content does not require extensive data collection, form fills, or a high volume of site visitors to be successful. If you’ve never experimented with personalization, start here.

Tailor Content to Visitor Behavior

Similar to geolocation in that it does not require a form fill or heavy site traffic, personalizing content based on page views, visits, and search term tracking is a quick way to deliver targeted experiences. 

Surface content related to what your visitors browsed or searched for on your site. Welcome them if it's their first visit. Or invite them to take the next step with a call to action if they've visited a few times already.

Page views and visits. Match URLs or parts of URLs to show visitors related content that might interest them based on their page views.

Search terms. Show similar or relevant information after a visitor submits a search query on your site.

Choose What a Visitor Sees After Submitting a Form

Another personalization quick win is choosing what a visitor sees or where they are redirected after submitting a form. Do you best to meet their interests, or deliver an unexpected thank you message.

For example, if a donor pledged money to improving campus grounds, show them a beautiful photo of campus or renderings of future builds. If a volunteer expressed interest in giving their time to a cause, show them a video of how impactful and appreciated their service is.

Personalize Autoresponder Email Subject Lines

Research shows that emails with personalized subject lines have better open rates. Take a moment to personalize your form autoresponder email subject lines with information about your visitor, such as their name or company name.

It's a simple tweak that can take your message from 'one-to-all' to 'one-to-one'.

Wrap Up

It is normal to feel both excited and overwhelmed by the possibilities in front of you. You may be asking: Where do we start? What tool do we need? Who should be involved? How do we get long-term buy in from higher ups?

But personalizing content on your website does not have to be daunting. With a few quick wins under your belt, you’ll have more confidence in yourself, the process, and the opportunity for success.

To learn how this can be done in Clive, please reach out to us for a guided tour of the product.

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