Cascade CMS maintains a version history for Site Content and Manage Site assets. As changes are made to assets, Cascade CMS keeps track of the changes in separate copies of the asset called versions.

Each version has a timestamp that allows you to see when the change was made, optional version comments describing the change, and previous versions of an asset can be restored or compared to the current version.


Viewing Versions

To view asset versions, click More > Versions while viewing an asset. The details of the current version of the asset will appear at the top of the window. Past versions will be listed below with the following details:

  • Name - The version number (automatically generated) and asset link for that version. Hover over the name to view the asset path.
  • Last Modified - The time that this version was last modified and the user who last edited the asset. Hover over the time to get the exact date and time.
  • Comments (for Site Content assets) - Any comments relevant to a particular version. Some version comments will be automatically generated.

To view a previous version of an asset, click the asset link for that version in the Name column to open it in the main content area. From this view you can click More to access additional actions such as restore, delete, view an older or newer version, and view the current version.

Restoring a Version

To restore a version, select it from the versions list and click the Restore this version icon at the top of the list.

When previewing the version you wish to restore, click More > Restore this version.

Tip - Restoring a version does not wipe out the current version for an asset. The current version becomes versioned as well, allowing you to effectively "undo" the restoration.

Comparing with Current

The version comparison screen will render both versions of the page and highlight any differences within the DEFAULT region using the following rules:

  • Text that has been added is highlighted in green
  • Text that has been removed is highlighted in pink and is struck-through
  • Modifying text is considered as old text removed and new text added
  • Changes and updates to style (i.e. change from bold to italic) is highlighted in purple

To compare a version of a Page asset with the current version, select it and click the Compare with current icon at the top of the list.

When previewing the version you wish to compare to the current version, click More > Compare with current.