Getting Started With Segments in Clive

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By Kat Liendgens — Jul 16, 2020 11:00 AM

There’s no shortage of statistics that show just how important personalization has become, regardless of the type of organization or industry you’re in. It’s one of the reasons why we released Clive, our digital personalization platform, last year. Clive allows you to deliver targeted content based on data that your visitor has explicitly volunteered to you or based on implicit information, such as geolocation or digital body language. We recently added a feature called Segments to Clive, which allows you to bundle several personalization rules for better reuse.

Let’s take a look at just a couple examples that you could set up.

Example 1: Future In-state Nursing Student

One segment of your target audience might be future nursing students inside of your state (in our case, Georgia), so you have to identify which data points or behaviors might allow you to confidently categorize a visitor on your site as the segment “Future In-state Nursing Student”. Note that in Clive, you can add as many rules as needed and you can select whether all of the selected rules apply or or any of them. In this particular case, we need three things to happen in order to classify a visitor as our  “Future In-state Nursing Student” segment:

1. They identified themselves as a Prospective Student in any of the forms on our site.
2. The visitor’s Geolocation is inside the State of Georgia
3. They visited the School of Nursing page

You can simply add those rules to your Clive segment, as shown below:

setting up rules in clive screenshot

Next, you set up your Smart Content and tell Clive to only show the snippet to visitors of the “Future In-state Nursing Student” segment.

future in state nursing rule in clive

Once you’ve put the snippet on your page, which in this case, is a Call to Action underneath the side navigation, it’s ready to go.

future nurses side navigation cta

Example 2: Current Student

Another segment might be current students. After all, you want to make sure that as soon as you know that someonw is a current student, you can show them targeted content. Some of the indicators that someone falls into this segment might be any of the below:

1. They identified themselves as a current student on any of the forms on your website.
2. They clicked on a link in an email that was part of a campaign for current students.
3. They signed up to be a student volunteer at your open house
4. They visited a page in a section on your website for current students

In Clive, you just create your segment and add those rules. Since one of the rules is enough to put a visitor into the segment, you will select “ANY Rules apply” this time.

rules in clive

The above covers the first rule, the fact that they self-identified as a current student. The second rule can be checked by adding a parameter to a link in the email that is being sent to current students. By adding a simple parameter such as “?p=current” you can tag the visitor as the “Current Student” persona.
setting up clive rules

For rule number 3, you check if the visitor has filled out the Volunteer form:

clive screenshot

And rule number 4, you check whether they visited a URL that contained “current-students”:

completed form

That’s it. Now you just have to decide what content to show to current students and where to show it on your website. You can customize the navigation:


You can also rearrange your FAQ sections so that the students see the content most relevant to them first:
questions rearranged

Or show them resources that you’re making available during the pandemic:

keep learning cta
Have these easy examples gotten you excited about what’s possible with Clive’s segments? The possibilities are vast, as your segments can be as broad (“Alumni”, “Parents”) or as granular (“Future transfer student from Germany interested in soccer”) as you want them to be.

Finally, don’t forget to track your results so you can continue to optimize your strategy. Clive allows you to see the percentage of visitors who fell into each segment.

matching visitor graph

To learn more about Clive, please reach out for a guided tour of the product.