10 Best Higher-Ed Marketing Podcasts for 2024

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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2023 11:00 AM


The way we receive our information is constantly evolving, and we’ve seen the popularity of podcasts rapidly increase. Podcasts are versatile, engaging, and packed with information for niche audiences.  

According to Statista:

Back in 2006, only 22 percent of the adult population in the United States was aware of podcasting. Podcasting is an increasingly popular pastime in the U.S with 79 percent of respondents being aware of the format, while over 82 million people listened to podcasts in 2021. This number is estimated to rise even further, reaching over 100 million listeners in 2024. 

The Higher-Ed sector is no exception to the podcast trend, with multiple podcasts to choose from.

The following list contains 10 must-listen podcasts* for higher-ed web, marketing, and admissions professionals in 2024:

*Please note that the list of podcasts was created at random and not by popularity or the author’s personal preference.

1 - Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO - with Jaime Hunt

Image of woman sitting on chair

Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO is a podcast hosted by Jaime Hunt, Vice President for University Communications and Chief Marketing Officer at Old Dominion, known for her work in building brands, telling stories, and leading with empathy. The podcast is part of the Enrollify Podcast Network. It offers a range of insights, strategies, and experiences from various professionals in the field.C

Listeners of the podcast praise it for being a game-changer in the world of university marketing podcasts. It's highly regarded for offering genuine insights and inspiration, especially to those involved in higher education marketing. The podcast is celebrated for its down-to-earth perspective, making complex marketing strategies relatable and understandable​. The show recently reached 20,000 podcast episode downloads.

Curious about how to protect your university band or get your logo in front of more people to stay top of mind? Check out the episode with Old Dominion University’s Executive Director of Licensing, Brian Eubank, on how to reinforce your brand and generate revenue through proper licensing.

2 - The Higher Ed Marketer

higher-ed-marketer logo on orange background

The Higher Ed Marketer revolves around marketing professionals in the higher-ed space. This weekly podcast encourages listeners to tune in if they’re looking for real, practical advice on how to level up in their marketing game.

Co-hosted by Bart Caylor and Troy Singer, each episode features conversations with some of the best and brightest marketing minds in higher education, discussing the future of marketing, new technologies, and more.  

Bart and Troy interviewed our CEO, Kat Liendgens about attracting mission-fit students with CMS deliverables. During the episode, Kat ​​highlights the importance of diversifying CMS strategy to include influential personas like parents. Tune in for expert insights on expanding your higher education marketing reach.

3) Higher Ed Storytelling University 

The Higher Ed Storytelling University  logo

The Higher Ed Storytelling University is a podcast dedicated to helping higher-ed marketers tell better stories and enroll more students. Hosted by video producer and storytelling coach John Azoni, these episodes provide quick-win practical advice listeners can use in their marketing immediately.

Learn how to get clear on your target audience and maximize content that speaks directly to them in one of the newest podcast episodes on the Higher Ed Storytelling University.

During a recent episode, Nate Jorgensen, Senior Director of Academic Marketing and Communications at Miami University in Ohio, shared strategies for centralizing university marketing.

4) Talking Tactics 

The image is a promotional graphic for a podcast titled "Talking Tactics with Dayana Kibilds," which is part of the Enrollify podcast network. The graphic features a woman with curly hair, smiling broadly and looking directly at the viewer. She's wearing earrings and a dark top. The background is a rich purple with a subtle digital pattern. The text and podcast network logo are presented in white and a lighter shade of purple, creating a vibrant contrast. The overall design is modern and energetic.

Talking Tactics with Dayana Kibilds is a podcast that celebrates enrollment success, one tactic at a time.

Each episode of this show focuses on a single tactic that moved the needle on a specific enrollment metric: inquiries, booth visitors, apps started, video views, etc.

The tactics spotlighted were completed with limited resources: either by a single person, a small-but-mighty team, limited time, or without much money -- a reality many higher-ed marketing and enrollment professionals face, which makes this show relatable and enjoyable on so many levels.

Tune into one of the episodes where Dr. Carrie Phillips talks about how she earned coverage for her remote campus from none other than the Today Show back in 2008.  

5) Higher Ed Demand Gen Podcast

Illustration of a machine symbolizing demand generation in higher education.

Higher Ed Demand Gen podcast offers the opportunity to listen to higher education marketing leaders share knowledge about learnings, strategies, relevant tactics and how to create demand in today's higher-ed market. 

Each week, host Shiro Hatori interviews marketing experts to help his listeners navigate the currents of higher-ed marketing. During the 2023 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, Shiro interviewed Myla Edmond, the Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing at California State University Dominguez Hills on breaking down silos in higher-education. Give it a listen.

6) The Application with Allison Turcio

Podcast cover for "The Application" featuring host Allison Turcio, with educational icons and a teal background.

The Application with Allison Turcio podcast is designed for higher education enrollment marketers. Hosted by Allison Turcio, who serves as the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing at Siena College, the podcast aims to provide actionable insights and strategies for professionals in this field.

Each episode of the podcast features discussions with some of the leading minds in higher education, offering a range of perspectives and expert advice on various topics relevant to enrollment marketing. The focus is on delivering practical takeaways that listeners can apply in their roles to enhance their marketing strategies and student recruitment efforts.

Tune into a recent episode with Dr. Julie Lessiter and learn how LSU Shreveport was able to align institutional, marketing, and recruitment strategies to increase applications from new markets and audiences.

7) EdUp Marcomm with Philip Smith

Podcast cover "ED UP MARCOMM" with host Philip Smith, blue and yellow text, white background.

The EdUp Marcomm Podcast is a weekly series hosted by Philip Smith, focusing on the intricate world of educational marketing and student recruitment. This podcast is an extension of the renowned "The EdUp Experience," a leader in higher education podcasts.

Throughout the podcast, Philip engages with top-tier professionals such as CEOs, CMOs, Founders, and Consultants who are deeply involved in or support major educational institutions. These conversations revolve around uncovering their effective strategies in the realms of marketing, communications, and sales, offering listeners a deep dive into the keys to success in the education market.

If you want to learn how to make your higher-ed content stand out, explore Philip’s chat with Brian Piper, Director of Content Strategy and Assessment at the University of Rochester, and co-author of the second edition of Epic Content Marketing.

8) Volt Podcasts 

Two podcast covers: "Higher Voltage," orange background, and "Trusted Voices," black text with colored underline.

Volt's podcasts offer insightful explorations into higher education marketing and leadership.

"Higher Voltage" focuses on current, defining topics in higher education, presenting them in a periodic show format. Complementing this is "Trusted Voices," which delves into the latest news and challenges facing higher education.

It uniquely addresses these issues through the lenses of communications and leadership, covering themes like leadership challenges in academia, the evolving role of communications, and the influence of societal and political shifts on educational landscapes.

This series is a valuable resource for understanding the complex interplay of education, leadership, and communication

Check out this timely and relevant episode on artificial intelligence as hosts Erin and Teresa dive into AI and its profound impact on higher education. 

9) Higher Ed Conversation 

Podcast cover "Higher Ed Conversations with Cheryl Broom," featuring a smiling woman with a microphone and a mug.

Higher Ed Conversation is a podcast hosted by Cheryl Broom, CEO of GradComm. This podcast features in-depth conversations with experts in higher education, focusing on trends in marketing, communications, advancement, and student success. The show offers valuable insights for professionals working in higher education and those interested in the latest developments in the field.

Check out the interview with Jeff Dillon discussing founding EdTech Connect, a platform aiding higher education institutions in finding and evaluating technology solutions, leveraging AI and personalization.

10) Education Marketing Leader with Chris Rapozo 

Cover for "Education Marketing Leader" podcast with host Chris Rapozo, surrounded by tech doodles.

Education Marketing Leader podcast with Chris Rapozo, Hannon Hill's Marketing Specialist, is a podcast created to spotlight and highlight education marketers, tell their stories, and share their knowledge with those interested in all things higher-ed marketing.  

If you're interested in more than just the cut-and-dry strategies and tactics but want to learn about the human side of my guests and how they got to where they are today, this show is for you. 

A recent show featuring David Hunt, Director of Digital Marketing Communications and Creative Director at ODUGlobal, explores how colleges and universities can market an online program to attract. David shared practical advice and life lessons that inspire and motivate marketers to take their online program to the next level in 2024.  


Podcast cover "I Wanna Work There!" with host Eddie Francis, and a microphone graphic, orange and blue theme.

We all know it’s difficult to find good talent or retain it. 

The podcast "I Wanna Work There" is hosted by Eddie Francis, who has experience in both talent acquisition and higher education marketing. The podcast focuses on the importance of finding and retaining the best talent in any institution, company, or organization, with a particular emphasis on the field of higher education.

”I Wanna Work There” provides employer branding tips to higher education marketing and human resources leaders, exploring ways to create an exceptional experience for faculty and staff in educational institutions. 

Give it a listen today, and by the way, Eddie presented during the 2024 Cascade User Conference.



Podcasts allow listeners to learn, be entertained, and stay informed on the go, whether during a commute, workout, or other downtime. Podcasts offer a personalized experience, allowing listeners to choose content that aligns with their interests and preferences. The diversity of topics, hosts, and formats makes podcasts a dynamic and engaging medium. 

So, as you discover new frontiers in 2024, further expanding your knowledge and growing in wisdom, consider getting swept away by one of the podcasts listed above.

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