Cascade CMS Chronicles: 8.24 On-Prem Release Spotlight

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Last Updated: Dec 26, 2023 11:00 AM


We are excited to announce the release of Cascade CMS version 8.24, a feature-rich update that brings new functionalities, improved user experience, and several performance enhancements.

We encourage our on-premise customers to upgrade to this latest version at your earliest convenience. Cascade Cloud customers, please read on to discover the new features and improvements available.

What's New in Cascade CMS 8.24

Suggested Unused Assets Report

This new report helps content managers identify and manage assets that are not currently in use within the system. The report enhances content efficiency and system organization, improving SEO by providing a better user experience, improved site performance, and optimized content relevance.

Enhanced Broken Link Report

New features, including Allowed URLs and Valid Response Codes, help isolate and focus the report on the most important issues. A new summary provides a clearer description of the links reported.

Siteimprove Prepublish Integration

New Prepublish capabilities are now part of the Siteimprove integration, allowing for checks on page content within Cascade CMS before you publish.

WebP and Enhanced Image Editing

Cascade CMS now supports editing WebP image files, aligning with modern web standards. Note: To use this feature, add the .webp extension to the Editable Image Extensions under the Content tab in System Preferences. The image editor has been updated for better-quality edits at smaller file sizes.

Streamlined content checks

The content checks that run on submit have been redesigned to reduce clicks and make the submit process faster.

File extension change warnings

These warnings help ensure appropriate file extensions on publish. Users are now prompted before changing or removing file extensions.

Performance Improvements

Enjoy more efficient memory usage when uploading large files, faster asset location using the Velocity Locator Tool, and improved loading of audits

Security and Stability Enhancements

Updates to internal libraries and the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) improve the security posture. Plus, an upgrade to OpenJDK 11.0.21+9 and the Quartz scheduling library bolsters application stability and security.

Accessibility Improvements

We've improved the accessibility of assets More menu links.

Key fixes in this release also include: 

  • Daily Content Report Reliability: Enhanced reliability in generating the Daily Content Report, including more accurate views on the most viewed pages.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Addressed issues with Google Analytics summaries and dashboard widget loading.
  • User and Group Listings: Users, groups, and roles are now listed alphabetically for easier navigation.
  • LDAP Syncing: Scheduled LDAP syncing will now cease upon disabling LDAP, ensuring data integrity.

Next Steps 

To make the most of these new features and improvements, visit our Release Notes page for detailed information, system requirements, and the upgrade guide.

View the Release Notes

Ready to upgrade? Visit our downloads page to get started with Cascade CMS 8.24.

VISIT the downloads page

As always, we thank our community of Cascaders for your suggestions and encourage you to continue sharing your ideas with us on the Idea Portal.

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