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By Chris Rapozo — Feb 1, 2024 11:00 AM


Welcome to 2024!

As we bid 2023 farewell, we look confidently ahead into the future, hoping for better things to come. "This will be the best year yet," we tell ourselves with great anticipation as we write out our New Year's Resolutions, and we're no different here at Hannon Hill.

One of our recurring New Year's resolutions, which has been steadfast for more than 20 years, is our desire to provide Cascade CMS users with the best CMS experience possible. We do that by offering webinars, product updates, and our annual Cascade CMS User Conference.

Talking about the user conference, the 2024 Cascade User Conference (#CUC24) is coming up in a few weeks!

This is your chance to join other Cascade CMS users for three days of lessons, community, and all things Cascade.

This event combines intensive trainings, informative sessions, and two fantastic keynotes. 

We’re excited about #CUC24 and hope that you are too.

And, if you haven’t registered yet, we hope you will.

Check out the schedule 

This year’s event will be held fully online to ensure that everyone within our global Cascade CMS user community is able to join the conference.

We understand that especially since the pandemic, budgets have been tight, so we're doing our best to ensure that our customers are still able to enjoy all the benefits of our conference.

That is why conference tickets start at only $75.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should register for #CUC24:

1 - Get more out of Cascade CMS: We want you to succeed with Cascade CMS, and that’s why we structured the event in a way so that you get the most out of the CMS. Most sessions highlight how institutions use Cascade to solve problems. They offer unique insights, share code, and answer your questions about their process. Every year attendees note that this is a top reason they come to our user conference.

2 - Build your professional network: Cascade CMS users come from leading colleges, universities, and other organizations around the United States and Canada. You will have a chance to connect with presenters through Q&A sessions provided immediately after the talk to enable you to meet new people, join conversations, and build professional connections that can last a lifetime.

3 - Expand your skill set: Attending #CUC24 gives you the opportunity to learn more about various coding languages and other techniques you can use throughout your career. Our training workshops provide detailed guidance on automating content, advanced velocity coding, and how to get started in Cascade so that you can optimally leverage our products.

4 - Meet the folks behind Cascade CMS: Get to know the people who support you. Many of our employees will participate and present at #CUC24. We want to learn more about your experience, understand your needs, and answer all the questions you have about Cascade.

5 - Get caught up on the latest: Join Charlie Holder, Hannon Hill's Head of Success, on February 23 at 11:15 a.m. (EST) as he will walk you through recently-released features, polishes, and fixes in Cascade CMS and Clive. 

6 - Help us build the CMS you want: Your feedback drives our product roadmap, and there's no better time to share your ideas for Cascade CMS with our CEO, product team, and services developers so that we can make them a reality during #CUC24. Some of our most popular features come from users, so don't be shy. Come to the conference and tell us how we can make Cascade CMS even better through the Q&As we offer after presentations.

7 - See how others respond to challenges: We want every session to benefit you, which is why we encourage all speakers to share stories showing how Cascade CMS helps them solve real problems. The resulting presentations provide valuable insights that you can apply to your own implementation. Our small setting allows people to be more candid and provide useful information to help others.

8 - Prepare for the future: Join us on Thursday, February 23 at 4 p.m. (EST) for a keynote roundtable discussion on how to navigate the demographic enrollment cliff. Join Jaime Hunt, Kristin Nichols, and Dr. Allison Turcio to learn how you can safely navigate the looming demographic enrollment cliff. This is a session you can't afford to miss!

9 - Be inspired by others’ work: Falling into a routine is easy, and with #CUC24, getting out of it can be fun. There's so much great work happening all over the nation, and #CUC24 is where you'll see it firsthand. Our presenters are happy to walk you through sample scripts, share code, and show you examples to get your creative juices flowing.  

10 - Get a sneak peek at the product roadmap: Join Hannon Hill’s CEO, Kat Liendgens and VP of Engineering, Bradley Wagner to see where we’re taking Cascade CMS with an inside look at our product roadmap. We’ll highlight upcoming features you can expect in the near term and share our long-term vision for the product.

Join us online February 20-22, 2024, for the Cascade CMS User Conference. To learn more about the event and register, please visit the Cascade CMS User Conference site.

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