Cascade CMS Chronicles: 8.23 On-Prem Release Spotlight

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Last Updated: Jun 27, 2023 11:00 AM

Cascade Chronicles 8.23

We are thrilled to announce that Cascade CMS version 8.23 is now available for download.

To all on-premise customers, please upgrade to Cascade CMS version 8.23 at your earliest convenience to take advantage of: 

  • Google Analytics 4 support
  • Stronger password requirements for new/updated normal authentication users 
  • Performance improvements to Google Analytics Reports
  • More reliable publishing and other enhancements and fixes

To all Cascade Cloud customers, we encourage you to continue reading to better understand the latest features, improvements, and fixes available to you.

Google Analytics 4 Support

With our latest Cascade CMS on-prem release, we're introducing support for Google Analytics 4 in our analytics data integration. You can now pull GA4 data to view in Site reports and at the Folder and Asset level, including new GA4 metrics like engagement rate. 

More information on configuring the GA4 integration can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Content Owners in Report CSV Exports

To facilitate identifying responsible users when reviewing content exports outside of the CMS, we're now including the asset's content owner data in CSV exports of the Stale Content and Up for Review reports.

Stronger Password Policies

We're enhancing the security of our platform by enforcing strong password requirements for users utilizing native password authentication, in line with NIST 800-53 security standards.  

Please visit our documentation on managing users for more details on the requirements of the new password policy.

Additional Updates

  1. Viewing relationships for admin area assets, such as Shared Fields, Data Definitions, Publish Sets, etc., has been improved to eliminate the apparent missing table column. Plus, relationships that display as errors or warnings when deleting assets will now provide site and path information for added context.
  2. The processing of Google Analytics Reports has been updated to prevent timeouts from long-running queries.
  3. Connectivity issues encountered during publishing will now be retried using a backoff to address possible rate-limiting issues.
  4. We've improved memory usage during the Page rendering process and updated XML namespace handling to no longer remove unused namespaces. 

Next Steps 

Please visit the Release Notes page for the complete list of features and improvements, requirements, and upgrade guide.

View the Release Notes

When you're ready to upgrade to Cascade CMS version 8.23, please visit the downloads page.

VISIT the downloads page

As always, we thank our community of Cascaders for your suggestions and encourage you to continue sharing your ideas with us on the Idea Portal.

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