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Accessibility Checker


The Accessibility Checker ensures the pages compliance with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines.


  • Is content created with Cascade Server accessible?


Introduction to Accessibility Checker

The Accessibility Checker is typically turned on or off, system-wide, by an administrator. Depending on a user's permissions, the checker may be turned on or off at the page level as well. 

When turned on, the Accessibility Checker, much like the spell checker and the link checker, is invoked after a page edit is committed by clicking the Submit button. If there are any elements that the CMS deems suspect, the user is forwarded to an Accessibility Checker page listing the errors sorted by the field on the page in which they occur.

The Checker will report on common errors such as <table> elements without summary attributes as well as <img> tags without alt attributes.


  • Does Cascade Server validate content?


Turning the Accessibility Checker On & Off Globally

Accessibility checking can be turned on and off globally (system-wide) by an admin user.  This can be done by going to System Menu > Preferences > Content.


Under the section "Default Data Checks," check the "Content Accessibility" checkbox to enable or uncheck to disable.  Then press "Submit" at the bottom of the page to save the changes.


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