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Image Resizer Plug-in

This plug-in allows an administrator to specify that an uploaded image be resized to particular dimensions. For example, if the administrator desires that all images uploaded be 300 pixels wide and 150 pixels high, then the administrator will attach this plug-in to the asset factory and specify the desired dimensions.

This plug-in is useful for maintaining image size consistency on things like ad banners, and navigation menu images.

**NOTE**: this plug-in relies on the Java Imaging API and as such is only able to work with freely licensed image formats. This means this plug-in can work with JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, and PNG images, but not GIF images (This is valid for versions of Cascade prior to 4.9, however the plugin will work on GIFs for all future versions). Additionally this plug-in will NOT work for host systems running OS X

To activate this plug-in:

  1. In the Administration area select Asset Factories.
  2. Select a current asset factory, or create a new one by selecting “New Asset Factory”.
  3. If you are creating a new asset factory, for “Asset Factory Type” select “File” and click “Submit”.  On the “General” tab, select the desired attributes for your asset factory. Make sure to leave the “Base Asset” value blank.
  4. On the “Plugins” tab, select “Image Resizer Plug-in” from the “Add Plugin” drop down. Click the green plus sign to add the plug-in.
  5. When specifying dimensions in the "parameters" area you may either:
    1. Fill in image height and width dimensions (in pixels)
    2. Fill in either just image height or image width dimensions - the value left blank will be interpolated based on the aspect ratio of the original image.
  6. Click "Submit".