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Home Area Dashboard


Home Area Dashboard

home area dashboard

The Home Area Dashboard is the welcome screen for all users upon logging into Cascade.  It comes equipped with an Asset Tree navigation menu for easy access to all home area assets, a top menu bar containing tools and other resources, a main dashboard content area which hosts a number of useful high level views of the system, and a Site selection dropdown for quick navigation between Sites.


Dashboard Tabs

The dashboard content area consists of 7 tabs:

  1. Dashboard - Offers quick access for creating content, outstanding items, and recently viewed assets.
  2. Messages - Used to display system messages as well as messages from other users to the user.
  3. Workflows - Displays all the user's active workflows.
  4. Locked Assets - Displays a list of all the assets checked out by the current user.
  5. Drafts - Displays a list of all drafts created by the user.
  6. Stale Content - Displays a list of content needing review or that has not been updated.
  7. Link ReportContains a report of broken links in the current Site.  Links are checked on a regular schedule for all publishable assets and then stored in this report allowing users to take action on them.
  8. Recycle Bin - Displays all recycled assets.
  9. Analytics - (Only available when a Google Analytics Connector is configured and verified) Displays information imported from Google Analytics related to assets in the current Site

The dashboard is also available as a personalized RSS feed so that the user can view items from an RSS reader as well as a portal system (as a channel or portlet).

Asset Tree

To the left of the Dashboard content area is the Asset Tree. This tree allows users to navigate through their home area assets which reside in Folders.  Typically the Asset tree is organized into Folders of assets with similiar purposes.  Folders with assets containing actual web content like Pages, Files and certain types of Blocks will generally be grouped together, and assets like Templates and Formats will be grouped together but separate from content assets.  Ultimately, the way assets are organized is up to the Cascade users.


Upon logging into Cascade Server, at the top of the Dashboard, there are a series of menus providing access to particular areas and/or tools of the system: menus bar

For more information about each of these menus, please see our System Links and Menus page.

Site Selection Dropdown Menu

At the top of the Home Area Dashboard is a dropdown menu containing all Sites to which the current user can navigate.  To switch between Sites, the user simply selects the desired Site from the dropdown and then he or she will be automatically taken to that Site.

site dropdown