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Click the "+" to the left of any of the Frequently Asked Questions for a full explanation of each question's answer, or scroll down the page for FAQs organized by Concept.  Check out the PDF version of the Cascade Server Frequently Asked Questions!

General Cascade Server FAQs

  • Which Browsers can I use with Cascade Server?
  • Can non-technical users create content using Cascade Server?
  • Is Cascade Server customizable?
  • What happens to our web site when Cascade Server is undergoing maintenance?
  • Does Cascade Server support fail over transfer?
  • Does Cascade Server validate content?
  • Can Cascade Server automatically archive content?
  • How should content managed in Cascade Server be backed up?
  • Is content created with Cascade Server accessible?

Integrating Cascade with Other Tools

  • Does Cascade Server integrate with Analytics?
  • Can 3rd Party Data be used in Cascade Server
  • Can Cascade Server export XML for other applications?
  • How is content managed with Cascade Server indexed?
  • Does Cascade Server integrate with Active Directory?
  • Does Cascade Server integrate with Pubcookie?

Importing an Existing Site / Creating a New Site

  • Can I Import an Existing Web Site with Cascade Server?
  • What's the easiest way to create a new site with Cascade?

Global Area to Site Migration

  • When/Why would I need to perform a Site migration?
  • What is the advantage of migrating to a Site?
  • If we have folders for each department, is it a good idea to migrate each department into its own Site?
  • If I have multiple Sites that share the same configurations, do I need to make copies of each and place them in individual folders?
  • In addition to creating companyabc.com as a Site, would it still be OK to create another Site as companyabc.com/news/ if it had its own workflows?
  • Would it be OK to keep a "Common" Site separate that keeps all common CSS and images?
  • What is the RegExp for inserting system-asset tags in CSS, JS, etc.?
  • Why is it that when you migrate a Site, Container structure is lost?
  • Why aren't Publish Sets migrated?
  • You demonstrated in your webinar a migration of a subfolder under the Base Folder. Could you migrate from the Base Folder level?
  • If I'm using the same CSS file across multiple Sites, how do I continue to make updates without having to copy these changes across each Site?
  • Is it possible to create an internal link between Sites? (We manage several subdomains with Cascade)
  • Is it possible to remove the Base Folder in a Site?
  • Will unused Targets and Configuration Sets be migrated to the Site as well?
  • Can several Sites publish to the same server?
  • Is there a need for setting explicit group folders and access rights after creating a Site?
  • Is the ability to copy an entire site still available?
  • Why when migrating a scaffolded Site, why aren't access rights migrated?
  • Will we be able to move a Site into another Site in thae future? What about copying assets between Sites?

FAQs by Concept

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Accessibility Checker

  • What is the Accessibility Checker?
  • Is content created with Cascade Server accessible?
  • Does Cascade Server validate content?


  • What is an Action?


  • What is an Administrator?
  • What skills do I need to administer an implementation of Cascade Server?

Advanced Search

  • What is an Advanced Search?
  • Can I search for content in Cascade Server?

Advanced Tab

  • What is an Advanced Tab?


  • What is an Approver?

Asset Archive

  • What is an Asset Archive?

Asset Factory

  • What is an Asset Factory?


  • What is an Asset?
  • Can assets be copied?
  • How do I break an asset lock?

Audit Trail

  • What is an Audit Trail?


  • What is Authentication?

Available System Tags

  • What are Available System Tags?

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Base Folder

  • What is the Base Folder?

Basic Search

  • What is the Basic Search?
  • Can I Search for content in Cascade Server?


  • What is a Block?
  • Can I call a <system-region> from a block/stylesheet?


  • What are Breadcrumbs?

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Check In and Out

  • What is Check In and Out?


  • What are Components?


  • What is a Configuration?

Configuration Set

  • What is a Configuration Set?


  • What is a Container?

Content Type

  • What is a Content Type?


  • What is a Contributor?


  • What is CSS?

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  • What is the Dashboard?

Database Publishing

  • What is Database Publishing?

Data Definition

  • What is a Data Defintion?
  • Does Cascade Server offer Structured Authoring?


  • What is a Destination?

Dynamic Navigation

  • What is Dynamic Navigation?
  • What type of site navigation can be created with Cascade Server?

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External Link

  • What is an External Link?

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  • What is a file?
  • How does Document Management work?
  • How does Cascade Server import static files?
  • Can I edit images managed by Cascade Server?
  • How are images handled in Cascade Server?
  • What file types does Cascade Server support?

File Override

  • What is a File Override?

File Upload

  • What is a File Upload?
  • How does Cascade Server import Static Files?
  • How are Files Uploaded into Cascade Server?


  • What is a Folder?
  • How do Folder Access Rights Work?

Form Builder

  • What is a Form Builder?
  • Can I use Cascade Server to create online Forms?

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Graphic User Interface

  • What is a Graphic User Interface?


  • What is a Group?

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History Page

  • What is the History Page?

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Index Block

  • What is an Index Block?
  • How do I create a 'current page' index block?

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  • What is a Keyword?

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Link Checker

Load Balancing

  • What is Load Balancing?
  • Does Cascade Server support Load Balancing?

Log In and Out

  • What is Log In and Out?

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  • What is a Manager?


  • What is a Menu?


  • What is a Message?


  • What is Metadata?
  • Does Cascade Server include Metadata for content?
  • How do I access the metadata of the page I'm currently on?

Metadata Sets

  • What is a Metadata Set?

Migrate Existing XML As Structured Content

  • What is Migrating XML as Structured Content?

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New Site Wizard

  • What is a New SIte Wizard?

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  • What is an output?
  • Can Cascade Server repurpose content for multiple outputs?


  • What is an Overlib?

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  • What is a Page?
  • What happens if I move a page to a different folder inside Cascade Server?


  • What is a Plug-In?


  • What is a Preview?
  • Can I Preview Pages in Cascade Server?


  • What is Previous-Next?

Production Server

  • What is a Production Server?


  • What is a Publisher?


  • What is Publishing?
  • Can Cascade Server automatically Publish and Retire content on a Schedule?
  • Can I schedule content to Publish at a later date?
  • How does Cascade Server tie into a Web Server?
  • How does Cascade Server support Secure Publishing?
  • Can Cascade Server be used with Multiple Web Servers?

Publish Triggers

  • What is a Publish Trigger?

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Quick Links

  • What is a Quick Link?

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Recent Pages

  • What is a Recent Page?


  • What is a Reference?

Relative Link

  • What is a Relative Link?


  • What is a Role?

RSS Feed

  • What is an RSS-Feed?

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Scripting Languages

  • What is a Scripting Language?
  • Does Cascade Server support Server-Side Includes?

Search and Replace

  • What is Search and Replace?

Site Index

  • What is a Site Index?

Spell Checker

  • What is a Spell Checker?
  • Does Cascade Server include a Spell Checker for content?

Staging Server

  • What is a Staging Server?


  • What is a Stylesheet?


  • What is Syndication?

System Preferences

  • What is a System Preference?

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  • What is a Target?


  • What is a Template?

Text Block

  • What is a Text Block?


  • What is a Transport?

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  • What is a User?
  • How many Users can Cascade Support?
  • How does Cascade Server support Multiple Users?
  • Does Cascade Server track User actions?

User ID

  • What is a User ID?

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  • What is a Version?
  • Does Cascade Server save version history for content?

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Web Services

Web Services Database Migration

  • What is Web Services Database Migration?


  • What is a Workflow?
  • How does Cascade Server handle Workflows and Approvals?
  • Is there a way to validate Worfklow and Data Definition XML outside of Cascade Server?
  • How are Workflow notifications and messages handled by Cascade Server?
  • How do I remove a workflow from an asset?

Workflow Action

  • What is a Workflow Action?

Workflow Trigger

  • What is a Workflow Trigger?


  • What is a WYSIWYG?
  • Can I select which formatting options appear in the WYSIWYG editor?
  • Can I edit the HTML directly from the WYSIWYG editor?

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  • What is an XHTML Block?

XML Block

  • What is an XML Block?

XML Feed Block

  • What is an XML Feed Block?

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Zip Archive

  • What is a Zip Archive?

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