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Cascade Server features a robust publishing engine designed to bake files out in the development environment, and synchronize those environments with one or more production servers.  Assembled content is transformed into native XML files, standard HTML, and/or .NET files (.aspx). Upon the publishing of content, the information is completely decoupled from the CMS, allowing it to operate independently in any standard environment.


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Publishing Content

The Publish action is available for:

  • Pages
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Sites
  • Targets
  • Destinations
  • Publish Sets

To Publish one of these of asset types:

  1. Navigate to the asset
  2. Click the Publish tab 
  3. For Pages only: Select the checkboxes for the Page's configurations that you'd like to publish.
  4. Select the checkboxes corresponding to the Destinations you'd like to publish to. 
  5. Optionally: select the "Publish Report" checkbox to have a summary of the publish sent to you as a system Message
  6. Click Submit to publish your content to the selected destinations.

publish folder 

In most cases, Cascade will prevent duplicate publish jobs from being added to the publish queue.  If a user attempts to publish an asset that is already in the queue, he/she will be presented with the following warning:

Duplicate Publish Job Warning

Note that publishing an asset to different Destinations in separate submissions to the publish queue will not result in a duplicate publish warning.  For example, if a user publishes Page A to Destination A and then publishes page A to Destination B; a duplicate publish warning will not be displayed.

Un-Publishing Content

To un-publish an asset:

  1. Navigate to the asset
  2. Click the Publish tab
  3. For Pages only: select the checkboxes for the configurations to un-publish
  4. Check the boxes corresponding with the destinations to unpublish the content from.
  5. Click the Un-publish radio button:

unpublish content 

Parallel Publishing

Each Site in Cascade has its own publish queue that can process up to 2 jobs at a time. When viewing a Site's publish queue, users can see which other Sites have active publish jobs.

Parallel publishing queue

The publish queue for a single site, publishing two items at a time.

Publish queue with more than one site publishing

Publish queue with more than one site publishing at a time

Publishing Page Configurations to Destinations

When publishing or deleting/un-publishing Pages, users can use the available checkboxes to choose which Page Configurations to publish or unpublish.

Because page configurations can be routed to specific Destinations at the Content Type level, the Publish and Delete screens also indicate if a Page Configuration is set to:

  1. Publish to "All Destinations"
  2. Publish to specific Destinations
  3. Not publish at all (i.e. "Do not publish")
Configurations that are not publishable will be listed, but cannot be selected. If a configuration is set to publish to "All Destinations", it will be eligible to publish to all Destinations but will only publish to those selected in the Publish screen. Likewise, if a Page Configuration is set to publish to a specific Destination, it will only publish to that Destination if it's selected on the Publish screen.

Configurations that have been disabled for publishing at the Configuration Set level will not appear on this screen at all.

Page publish tab


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Canceling Publish Jobs

To cancel a publish job:

  1. Navigate to the publish queue.
  2. Click the red 'x' icon next to the job you wish to cancel.  (Note that an ability is required to be able to cancel publish jobs)
  3. On the following confirmation screen click Submit to confirm job cancelation.

Note that canceling a publish job in the "Current Jobs" table requires that the job be aborted before it can be removed from the system.  Therefore, users will notice that cancecanceled jobs in this table will be marked with the word "(canceled)" to indicate that they are being aborted.

Cancelled Job

Canceled Publish Job in Publish Queue

Canceling a publish job that is in the "Queued Jobs" table will result in the job being removed immediately.

Stalled Publish Jobs

Occasionally, a publish job in the "Current Jobs" table will be displayed with the word "(stalled)" next to it.  In most cases, jobs in the stalled state are those which were being processed by the system when the system was shutdown or restarted.  Upon starting Cascade back up, these jobs will no longer be processed.  After 1-2 minutes, a stalled job will be automatically removed from the publish queue and a system message will be sent to the user who added the job to the publish queue indicating that the job did not complete successfully.

Stalled Job

Stalled Job in Publish Queue

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