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The Recent Pages list is a type of Dynamic Navigation that makes it simple to present new and important content in a chronological and easily viewable order. There is often a need for a listing and summary of recently added pages. Time sensitive content such as press releases, newsletters, or announcements lend themselves well to this particular type of dynamic indexing.


Creating Recent Pages List Via an Index Block

When creating an index block for a list of recent pages, select the following options:

  • Folder to Index - Select the folder you wish to index. If you want your menu to include subpages, simply select the highest folder.
  • Depth of Index - Typically, you will be indexing only one folder of pages.
  • Max Rendered Assets - Type in the number of pages you wish to display. For example, if you only want the four most recent press releases, enter 4.
  • Indexed Asset Types - In most cases, only pages need to be indexed. 
  • Rendering Behavior - Select Render normally, starting at the indexed folder.
  • Page XML - Select Do not render page XML inline.
  • Block XML - Select Do not render block XML inline.
  • Indexed Asset Content - In most cases, only user-supplied metadata is needed.
  • Other Indexed Information - Do not check any options.
  • Sort Method - Select either last modified date or last created, depending on your needs.

These options will provide users with a usable index block that can then be plugged into a page region at the template, configuration set, or page level. Typically a recent pages summary will only appear on one or two pages, so it's best to plug these in at the page level.

An XSL stylesheet must also be added to style and filter the results rendered by the index block. Examples are included with Cascade Server and can be found in the common folder.

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