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Advanced XSL

Amy Liu, Senior Sales Engineer, Hannon Hill
Brett Goodwin, Business Systems Analyst, Hannon Hill

Learn how to use advanced XSLT techniques, EXSLT, and Xalan extensions to solve complicated problems.

  • XSL & XSLT
  • XSLT Warmup
  • Muenchian Method
  • Xalan Extensions
  • Introduction to Velocity Script Formats

Related Files

  1. Advanced XSL.pptx
    Presentation Slides in MS PowerPoint 2007.
  2. 01grouping.xml
    Example XML for use with files 02grouping-attempt.xsl and 03muenchian.xsl
  3. 02grouping-attempt.xsl
    Simple & statically defined method to display sorted groupings.
  4. 03muenchian.xsl
    Muenchian Method grouping/sorting.
  5. 04recent-blogs.xml
    Example XML file for use with all remaining XSL files (05full-listing.xsl - 09xalan-convertdate.xsl)
  6. 05full-listing.xsl
    Display the 3 latest blog posts with full content.
  7. 06truncate-charcount.xsl
    Display all blog listing and truncate content using character count.
  8. 07truncate-wordcount.xsl
    A very admirable effort to truncate blog content with word count, utilizing only native XSLT 1.0
  9. 08exslt-tokenizer.xsl
    Much simpler way to truncate content based on word count using EXSLT str:tokenize
  10. 09xalan-convertdate.xsl
    Nice reuseable Xalan extension created to format UNIX timestamps.
  11. advancedXSL.zip
    This zip file contains all of the files listed above.