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Available Workflow Triggers

  1. Publish Trigger
    This trigger publishes the current asset in workflow, if it is able to be published, to all of its available destinations.
  2. Preserve Current User Trigger
    This trigger acts as a workaround solution for an issue that sometimes arises when you submit a workflow to a group instead of a user.
  3. Assign To Group Owning Asset Trigger
    This trigger is used to assign the workflow's current step to the group that owns access rights to the folder containing the asset associated with the workflow.
  4. Assign Step If User Trigger
    This workflow trigger examines the step that just occurred and if it was done by the specified username, it advances the workflow to the step specified by the second parameter.
  5. Assign to Specified Group Trigger
    This trigger is used to assign a workflow to a group.
  6. Assign To Workflow Owner Trigger
    This workflow trigger assigns the next step (the step that will occur as a result of this action) to the user that initiated the workflow.
  7. Email Trigger
    Including this trigger will provide an email notification for the step immediately following.
  8. Version Trigger
    This trigger creates a version of the page that will be stored as the most current version.
  9. Merge Trigger
    This trigger merges any changes into the system repository.
  10. Publish Set Trigger
    This trigger publishes all assets in a designated Publish Set.
  11. Delete Trigger
    This trigger deletes the asset in the workflow.
  12. Unpublish and Delete Trigger
    This trigger allows for un-publishing content and deleting it at the same time.
  13. Create New Workflow Trigger
    This trigger starts new workflows for analogous assets to support translation capabilities or cross-site content synchronization.
  14. Publish Parent Folder Trigger
    The Publish Parent Trigger publishes the parent folder of the asset in workflow.
  15. Delete Parent Trigger
    This trigger deletes the parent folder of the asset in workflow, as well as all contents of that folder.
  16. Copy Folder Trigger
    The Copy Folder Trigger copies the parent folder of the asset in workflow into a designated location.
  17. Publish Containing Publish Set Trigger
    This trigger is used to publish out publish sets that the asset in workflow is a member of.