Cascade has streamlined our publishing process from days to hours; and our readership and employee engagement has increased substantially on our intranet.

Ann Rafferty
Los Alamos National Labs

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 Empowers Non-Technical Users

Cascade CMS enables non-technical users to easily access and contribute to the website, easing the burden on technical staff and streamlining business processes. Whether it’s creating and embedding a form on your webpage, A/B testing variations of content, requesting a vanity URL, editing an image, or rearranging the navigation - Cascade CMS empowers non-technical content contributors to get things done quickly.

 Enables Decentralization of Website Management

Cascade CMS puts content ownership back into the hands of the subject matter experts - eliminating the IT bottleneck and ensuring content is timely and accurate. No CMS makes it easier to share content across multiple pages and across multiple sites than Cascade CMS does.

 Improves the Visitor Experience

Your goal is to provide the best possible visitor experience to your target audience. That’s why you need a comprehensive toolset that allows you to track your visitors’ behavior on your website and to provide you with the ability to deliver targeted content to your audience. Using Hannon Hill’s content management and content marketing suite lets you to do just that.

 Increases Conversion Rates

By delivering a better visitor experience and by strategically implementing forms and calls to action, you can increase your conversion rates and enable your staff to follow up with prospects more expeditiously. Don’t take our word for it. Use our tools to track your conversions.

 Improves Content Freshness

As Search Engines are placing increased emphasis on the freshness of content and as your audience expects fresh content from you, Cascade CMS allows contributors to stay on top of their pages and keep them up to date. Since Cascade CMS separates content from design elements, your contributors can focus on what matters most: your content.

 Improves Accountability

Cascade CMS provides workflows to ensure that content changes are approved by the right people, user permissions to maintain a level of control over all content, and versioning (and audit trails) to easily track change history.

 Lowers Support Costs

Because Cascade CMS is end-user friendly, technical staff can avoid getting bogged down in website-related support requests, leaving them able to focus on more relevant tasks.

 Ensures Consistency in Layout and Accuracy of Content

New content is quickly and easily created using preset custom page styles that ensure design and brand consistency, while giving website authors the freedom to manage their own content.

 Increases Revenue

By allowing easy – and automated – content updates, Cascade CMS allows you to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities and increase your website’s effectiveness.

 Provides a Predictable Cost of Ownership

Cascade CMS's pricing is straightforward, and you will not incur any hidden costs. For instance, with the purchase of the Standard Installed License, you receive free licenses for your test, development, and standby instances. With the purchase of the Enterprise License, you’ll receive licenses for test, development, stand-by, and load balancing. In addition, you can download modules, such as a news center, course catalog, social media mash-up, faculty directory, emergency notification, and reports free of charge from our Cascade Exchange and customize them to your needs. We don’t force you into extended services projects. We’re here for you when you need us, but won’t sell you something you don’t need.

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