Cascade CMS Features

Cascade CMS is a content management system built for everyone. It's the balance of ultimate flexibility enabling fast development with easy-to-use functionality for non-technical contributors that makes Cascade CMS really special. Our goal is to give everyone at your organization the tools they need to build high-performing websites with fresh and impactful content.


Maintain Brand Guidelines

With granular user permissions, content checks, a robust workflow builder, and the ability to publish to a staging server, rest assured that all content published to your site is the best-possible representation of your brand.

Content Editing

Cascade CMS supports structured content editing, which guides the content contributor through the process of creating content to ensure consistency. This allows for even quicker content creation by non-technical users.

Content Health

Cascade CMS can alert users and site administrators of pages that have not been updated in any number of days, weeks, months, or years. Use the daily content report, task manager, and content review dates to keep content fresh.

Powerful Content Promotion

Promote content via social media, RSS feeds, emails, and more. Save time and resources by easily sharing content across multiple pages and multiple sites.

Targeted Content Delivery

Deliver relevant, strategic, and personalized content to different audience segments based on their digital body language and form completions.

Effective SEO

Create SEO-friendly URLs, conveniently add metadata, and build a sitemap to improve rankings. Use built-in reports to monitor content timeliness and accuracy.

Simple Content Entry Wizards

Enter content through either simple WYSIWYG editors or structured fields like file choosers, checkboxes, drop-down boxes, and text fields. See what your page will look like as you are editing it.

Proactive Quality Control

Check for broken links, spelling errors, and accessibility violations prior to publishing your content to the live site.

Customizable Dashboard

Tailor your dashboard by adding widgets such as history, broken link report, stale content report, inbox, workflows, drafts, or locked assets.

Super Easy Content Reuse

Share content across multiple pages and multiple sites, both automatically and manually. No CMS makes content reuse easier than Cascade CMS.

Native Image Editor

Use the native image editor to rotate, resize, crop, edit, and make other changes to your graphics and illustrations.

Unlimited Version Control

Keep an unlimited number of versions of your pages, compare them, and roll back to a previous version with just one click.

Action Items

Stay on task and make your content more effective through Cascade's action items.

Collaboration Tools

Cascade CMS lets you collaborate with others in real-time and asynchronously while you create and edit your web content.

Support for XSLT and Velocity

Cascade CMS supports both XSLT and Velocity for writing formats. Even use both on the same page. Incorporate built-in tools to harness content and do more with less code.


Remove technology roadblocks by implementing whichever server-side technology works best for you including PHP, .NET, ColdFusion, or JSP.

Extensive Web Services API

Leverage the Web Services API to extend product functionality and integrate with third-party tools or custom-built applications.

Advanced Code Editor

The Advanced Code Editor is a built-in syntax-highlighting editor for a variety of languages, auto-indentation and auto-formatting, code folding and code snippets.

Downloadable Starter Sites

Download a news center, social media mashup, course catalog, faculty directory, emergency notifications, and more at no additional charge.

Content Form Builder

Create structured content wizards for non-technical users via the Content Form Builder. Its simple drag-and-drop functionality lets you quickly build structured fields.

Rendering Metrics

Check rendering times for each region on your page, helping you better target and identify those regions that can be further optimized.

Site Import and Export

Maximize content portability by transferring your production site to a development instance with just a few clicks.

Site Copy

Create a new site based off a template site within less than a minute.

Login As User

Use the Log In As User Feature to see exactly what a specific user sees and quickly troubleshoot issues.

Multi-Site Management

Manage as many Cascade CMS sites as you need from the same instance. Create site specific user roles, share content across multiple sites, and publish to specific destinations and servers.

Robust Permissions

Apply permissions on sites, directories, page types, individual pages, specific regions on a page, and even individual content entry fields.

Custom Roles

Use the built-in users, groups, and roles - or create as many custom roles as you need.

Meaningful Reports

Generate complete page and user audits, site-wide broken link reports, stale content reports, quality control reports on unpublished assets, and orphaned content.

Painless Custom Authentication

Implement LDAP integration with ease. Take it a step further with Shibboleth or CAS. And if you need help, we’re here for you.

Convenient In-Context Editing

Edit content without a dedicated editing interface - simply click on the region or field on the page and make edits on the fly.

Multi-Queue Publishing

Publish content to an unlimited number of servers and portals by publishing multiple jobs from multiple sites to multiple destinations.

Powerful Workflow Builder

Cascade CMS's Workflow Builder helps you create easily-customizable approval and publish processes for your sites.

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