Hannon Hill's efforts to always add valuable new features to Cascade Server ensures it continues to meet our constantly evolving needs.

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Hannon Hill provides the most complete content management and content marketing product suite. Be more effective with each iteration of your content strategy by being more strategic about content, promoting it through various channels, and tracking all of your efforts.


Powerful Content Promotion

Promote content via social media, RSS feeds, emails, and more. Save time and resources by easily sharing content across multiple pages and multiple sites.


Effective SEO

Create SEO-friendly URLs, conveniently add metadata, and utilize the SEO scorer to improve rankings. Use built-in reports to monitor content timeliness and accuracy.


Complete Campaign Management

Track related marketing efforts such as emails, social posts, landing pages, forms, calls to action, and polls by labeling them as part of one or more campaigns.


Lead tracking

Improve content and increase conversion rates by truly understanding target audiences. Don’t just track anonymous visitors - convert them to leads.


Targeted content delivery

Deliver relevant, strategic, and personalized content to different audience segments based on their digital body language and form completions.


Actionable analytics

Reveal data points like conversion rates, search terms, 24 hour performance snapshot, social analytics, keyword tracking, and more.

Cascade CMS eliminates the need for repetitive and extensive training sessions. Manage your web content with ease and perform key tasks without having to involve technical resources.


Convenient In-Context Editing

Edit content without a dedicated editing interface - simply click on the region or field on the page and make edits on the fly.

Native Image Editor

Use the native image editor to rotate, resize, crop, edit, and make other changes to your graphics and illustrations.

Simple Content Entry Wizards

Enter content through both simple WYSIWYG editors and structured fields such as file choosers, checkboxes, drop-down boxes, and text fields.

Helpful In-Context Analytics

Monitor individual page performance via easy-to-access in-context analytics.

Customizable Dashboard

Tailor your dashboard by adding widgets such as history, broken link report, stale content report, inbox, workflows, drafts, or locked assets.

Stale Content Report

Keep content fresh and set review dates by leveraging the stale content and content-up-for-review reports.

Proactive Quality Control

Check for broken links to detect and correct problem links before publishing. Enforce accessibility standards and reveal page load time.

Unlimited Version Control

Keep an unlimited number of versions of your pages, compare them, and roll back to a previous version with just one click.

Super Easy Content Reuse

Share content across multiple pages and multiple sites, both automatically and manually. No CMS makes content reuse easier than Cascade CMS.

Cascade CMS is an ideal tool for developers, as it gives them ultimate flexibility and allows for fast development of new functionality, regardless of programming language.


Support for XSLT and Velocity

Utilize either XSLT or Velocity - or even both on the same page! Incorporate built-in tools to harness content and do more with less code.


Implement whichever server-side technology works best for you including PHP, .NET, ColdFusion, or JSP.

Advanced Code Editor

Use the Advanced Editor to write and maintain code quickly, regardless of programming language. 

Content Form Builder

Create structured content wizards for non-technical users via the Content Form Builder. Its simple drag-and-drop functionality lets you quickly build structured fields.

Downloadable Modules

Build new functionality such as a news center, social media mashup, course catalog, faculty directory, emergency notifications, or custom reports. All modules on our Cascade Server Exchange are free for you to download.

Rendering Metrics

Check rendering times for each region on your page, helping you better target and identify those regions that can be further optimized.

Extensive Web Services API

Leverage the web services API to extend the functionality of the product and to integrate with other third party tools or homegrown applications.

Site Import/Export

Maximize content portability by transferring your production site to a development instance with just a few clicks.

Site Copy

Create a new site based off a template site within less than a minute.

Cascade CMS is a dream for administrators, as it allows you to provision permissions even on the most granular levels.


Painless Custom Authentication

Implement LDAP integration with ease. Take it a step further with Shibboleth or CAS. And if you need help, we’re here for you.

Smooth installation and upgrade processes

Install Cascade CMS and apply upgrades quickly. Never upgrade modules separately or completely re-install when you upgrade to a new version.

Custom Roles

Use the built-in users, groups, and roles - or create as many custom roles as required.

Robust Permissions

Apply permissions on sites, directories, page types, individual pages, specific regions on a page, and even individual content entry fields.

Multi-site Management

Manage as many sites as you want to from the same instance. Create site specific user roles, share content across multiple sites, and publish to specific destinations and servers.

Multi-queue Publishing

Publish content to an unlimited number of servers and portals by publishing multiple jobs from multiple sites to multiple destinations.

Powerful Workflow Builder

Cascade CMS's Workflow Builder helps you create easily-customizable approval and publish processes for your sites.

Meaningful Reports

Generate complete page and user audits, site-wide broken link reports, stale content reports, and quality control reports on unpublished assets.

Log in as User

Use the Log In As User Feature to see exactly what a specific user sees and quickly troubleshoot issues.

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