Berkeley College

QuickStart, Redesign, News, Directory, Emergency Alerts

Project Info

Like many of our customers, Berkeley College opted to roll out a newly designed website along with the implementation of their new CMS, Cascade CMS. The College’s web team handled the design of the new templates in-house and delivered the HTML to Hannon Hill’s Professional Services team, who integrated all of the page types into the system. The project was done in several phases.

  • Quickstart
  • Campus, Online, & Social Pages, and Directory
  • Blog and Social Media Mashup
  • News Room and Berkeley Today Search
  • The Berkeley Post, Newsline Email, Vanity URLs, and Workflow
  • Emergency Alerts, Custom Department Directory Links, and Bricks

As you can see, we provide a lot more than just the QuickStarts. We can do it all for you. And using the examples from the Cascade Exchange can really help bring the cost down and decrease implementation time.