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Implementation - CSS3, HTML5, JQuery

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Project Info

University of Nebraska Kearney went through a redesign implementation project with the Professional Services team in the summer of 2013. They were so pleased with the process and results that they came back for another redesign project two years later in 2015. This 86 hour project highlights many of the popular content reuse features of Cascade, including news articles, events, which are created in their respective sections and displayed on the homepage. In addition to 2 new landing page types, the Services team repurposed the following page types:

  • Accordion Page
  • Tab Page
  • Event Calendar (Landing Pages)
  • Event
  • Site Map
  • Employee Bio
  • Employee Bio List
  • Image Gallery
  • Form
The integration and reskinning was completed in less than one moth and the project was demonstrated to the client for approval and publishing.