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Cascade Exchange: YouTube Feed

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Cascade Exchange - YouTube Feed

This is the fourth blog post in our ongoing Cascade Exchange (#CascadeXC) Series, where we’ll be highlighting a different resource every week. Check out last week’s post on the downloadable RSS Feed example.

Video is everywhere these days, and why shouldn't it be? If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth about a million!

With the YouTube feed example, you can embed entire YouTube feeds on your site Rather than embedding each video individually, you can keep all the latest videos from your YouTube channel (or someone else's) up to date right on your website This module utilizes an RSS feed and


Cascade CMS 7.14 - Take ownership of your content

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Cascade CMS 7.14

Cascade CMS 7.14 is out with new features to help you better manage your content and assist your end users and a handful of other goodies.

  • Content ownership
  • Login as user
  • Fast link checking and technology upgrades

Content ownership

Do you ever feel like you're drowning in your content? We do. And we have a paltry 15,000 assets in our 3 major sites in Cascade. We know our users have many more assets across a lot more sites.

In addition to building tools to help users create content, we want to help you wrangle the content you've got. We added a content auditing tool and stale content reportingto help you inventory your content and remind


Cascade Exchange: RSS Feed

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Cascade Exchange RSS Feed

This is the third blog post in our ongoing Cascade Exchange (#CascadeXC) Series, where we’ll be highlighting a different resource every week. Check out last week’s blog post on the News Site.

RSS feeds allow people and programs to check for updates published to a website. To provide the feed, the website owner typically will use software, such as Cascade Server, to publish a list of recent articles or content in a standardized format. The feed can be downloaded by programs in real-time to view content on other websites.

A typical feed will contain items consisting of titles, headlines, full-text articles, excerpts, summaries,


Upcoming Webinar: Cascade CMS 7.14 Release

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Cascade CMS 7.14 Release

We've been hard at work with the latest round of features and product improvements. We're excited about this version and also about what's on the horizon for Cascade CMS. Join us as we share highlights for what's new in Cascade CMS 7.14.

New features in version 7.14 include:

  • content ownership functionality,
  • the ability to login as another user, and
  • a handful of technology upgrades.

In addition to covering what's new with 7.14, we'll also take a look at what we rolled out with the 7.12 series. Features in version 7.12.x include:

  • Broken Link Report,
  • Stale Content Report filters,
  • support for scheme-relative links,
  • Locator Tool Query API,


Cascade Exchange: News Site

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Cascade Exchange: News Site

This is the third blog in our ongoing Cascade Exchange (#CascadeXC) Series, where we’ll be highlighting a different resource every week. Check out last week’s blog on the Course Catalog.

Studies have shown that online readers attention spans aren’t very long. But that’s no reason to not tell them what’s going on. It’s a reason to keep it brief and pointed. Cascade can help.

The News Site is more than just an example It's a free-standing site with everything you need to get started creating, categorizing, publishing, and sharing news The site comes with a homepage, a news release page type, category page


The 2015 User Conference Call to Speakers is Open!

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The call for speakers is now open! Through June 5th, you can submit your proposal to be considered as a speaker for the 2015 Cascade User Conference.

Why submit a proposal?

Our attendees continue to learn so much from each other, and you would be supporting and inspiring the development of a community of peers in your field. In addition to the increased exposure and networking opportunities, our speakers also get a free pass to the conference, including two free nights at the conference hotel of their choice.

Have you been a part of a Cascade project involving any of the following?

  • Redesigning your website - Did you decide to outsource


2015 Cascade User Conference Registration is Open

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header art

Yes, it's that time of year! Registration is officially open for the 2015 Cascade User Conference. So, what do you need to know about this year's conference?

For our clients, the User Conference offers two full days of learning, connecting, sharing and playing, starting with a welcome reception on Sunday night, September 20th and ending with the last session on Tuesday afternoon, September 22nd. So, regardless of whether you're an Administrator, Developer, Marketer, or Content Contributor, the benefits of attending are plentiful! 

When: September 20th-22nd, 2015

Where: The Georgia Tech Global Learning Center

Who: Cascade clients from


Cascade Exchange: Course Catalog

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Cascade Exchange: Course Catalog

This is the second blog in our ongoing Cascade Exchange (#CascadeXC) Series, where we’ll be highlighting a different resource every week. Check out last week’s blog on the A-Z Index.

Support for online courses seems split in the academic community. Having flexibility in scheduling, telecommuting, and pacing makes it look very attractive. However, with limited instructor interactions, feedback bottlenecks, and technology challenges, they start to seem less attractive.

While the debate for offering courses online continues, what’s not up for debate is the value of advertising online what courses you do offer Prospective


What Your University Needs to Know About Mobilegeddon

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What Your University Needs to Know About Mobilegeddon

On Tuesday April 21st, Google released their new “mobile-friendly” algorithm. Prior to its release, like many new algorithms that Google has announced, it was the topic of heated debate across the Internet. There was a lot of speculation and talk of a potential “Mobilegeddon.”

What is Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon is the result of Google changing its mobile search rankings to favor sites that are mobile-friendly. Google warned that it would affect more sites than Pigeondid The current estimate is that somewhere between 25-40% of top sites have been affected by the new algorithm Google has said it wasn’t sure


Cascade Exchange: A-Z Index

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Cascade Exchange: A-Z Index

This is the first blog in our ongoing Cascade Exchange (#CascadeXC) Series, where we’ll be highlighting a different resource every week.

A-Z indexes offer an alphabetical list of pages through which a website visitor can browse to find the content they’re looking for. An A-Z index is typically a single, long list, but it can also be broken into separate lists, pages, or tabs if it is extremely long. At the top of the page, a horizontal list of the letters of the alphabet usually appears. The visitor can choose a letter from this list, click it, and jump to the appropriate section of the alphabetical index.

A-Z indexes can


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