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Easy Steps to Get You Started with Google Analytics

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After a few months in our new office here at the Atlanta Tech Village, it is safe to say we are digging our new digs! As we had mentioned in our previous post, there are many perks to being in this new office. The other day, I was able to take advantage of one of those perks and attend one of the village workshop events which focused on Google Analytics.

When I combine many of the things I learned during the workshop, they become a great base for getting the most out of your analytic data. Here are few simple ideas that you can easily implement to transform your analytic research:

Web analytics follow a cycle and knowing the steps is


Triple Threat: Extending Cascade Server with Ecommerce & Centralized Analytics

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Post by Mark Dirks, CEO of Beacon Technologies

I enjoyed playing basketball when I was younger. I wasn’t tall enough to really compete, but I did learn about the “triple threat position.” From this position, you gain a big offensive advantage because you have 3 solid options. You can jump-shoot, dribble-drive past the defender, or pass to a teammate.  It’s about versatility.

Similarly, in baseball, we have the “Triple Crown.” To win it, you have to do 3 things better than anyone else. You must have the highest batting average, the most homeruns and the most runs-batted-in  It’s a rare feat


Latest Trends Among College Students

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The summer is almost over and students are gearing up to head back to class at their universities. Now is a great time to capitalize on their renewed focus on school. Here are a few trends that have caught our eye, along with some ideas on how you can use these trends to engage with your students:

Trend #1: #PayMyTuitionChallenge

After the social media explosion of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, college students took to social media to start their own trend They created the #PayMyTuitionChallenge, where students are currently nominating celebrities like Bill Gates and Beyonce to donate to “their cause” and pay their tuition


Five Simple Tips for Writing for the Web

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Writing for the web (picture of laptop)

I recently attended PSEWeb, which is the Canadian equivalent of HighEdWeb. Big shout-out to Melissa Cheater and everyone involved in hosting such a great event!  Two of the most interesting sessions were about writing for the web. The presenters were Stephanie Lummis and Andrea Kelly. Here are some key takeaways.

Simplicity Rules

People have different reading habits online A lot of your visitors will not read the wordy paragraphs or lengthy blog posts on your website Instead, they want to get to the important information as quickly as possible As writers, we need to curb our inner Tolstoy and keep our content succinct Use bullet


ONE Week Until Registration Closes for #CSUC14!

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The 2014 Cascade Server User Conference is right around the corner! September 14th will be here before we know it, and I wanted to have a short post to remind those interested in attending, that registration closes August 29th!

Here are some of the many offerings available to you at the conference:

  • Over 30 sessions, including the ever-popular Roadmap Preview!

  • The Cassies Awards, including two new categories this year.

  • Free walk-up consulting with our engineers, developers and other staff.

  • The Spectate booth, for new account set-up, training and questions.

  • Raffled giveaways from our partners and sponsors.

  • An optional


Announcing This Year’s #CSUC14 Cassies Awards Party Details!

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One of the best parts of our annual Cascade Server User Conference is the social aspect. We at Hannon Hill love spending face to face time with our clients. For some of our staff, this is the only opportunity during a given year when they get to do just that.

As in previous years, we will host a social event on Monday, which will include the Cassies awards ceremony. Come out to see who will take home these coveted trophies. This year’s social is planned to begin at 6:00 pm at Midtown Atlanta’s Gordon & Biersch Brewery Restaurant.

There will be plenty of food, beverages, and, of course, trophies to go around If you


Cascade Server Hidden Gems: Targeted Content Display

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In order to deliver the best possible user experience, you strive to serve up content that is relevant to your target audience However, not all visitors on your site are interested in the same content For example, prospective students have different priorities than parents, potential donors, or alumni You can even create sub-segments of those groups, such as prospective students that live in-state versus out of state or prospective students who have expressed an interest in a specific major or sport Can you customize the content that your visitors see based on data that you’ve collected from them Yes Can you do so without having


Hashtag Marketing Campaigns and The Research Behind Them

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As promised, I am back again to further discuss hashtags and how higher education institutions can market through them. This time, we will look at the research leading up to finding the perfect hashtag for your campaign. 

The best way to research your hashtag is through tools. An effective approach will be to utilize a search engine that searches popular hashtags on various social media channels. This allows you to see what hashtags are being used that pertain to your university’s event.

Here are the best hashtag research tools to get the data you need for your hashtag marketing campaign:

  1. - This site


Cascade Server 7.12: Folder Filters and Drafting Improvements

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7.12 header image

This is the second installment of our New Feature Series about Cascade Server 7.12. For your reference, here are the other posts that have been published in the series so far:

Cascade Server 7.12 is Here, by Mike Strauch, August 6, 2014

Cascade Server 7.12 focused primarily on reporting and content authoring. We highlighted the Broken Link Report in our last post. Let's dig into a few other reporting and authoring improvements.

Folder Filters for Content Reports

Ever get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content on your site? The stale content and content for review reports on the dashboard are a great way to prioritize your work by


Cascade Server 7.12 is Here!

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7.12 header image

Hannon Hill proudly introduces you to Cascade Server 7.12, the latest installment of our flagship CMS! Cascade Server 7.12 delivers:

  • Improvements to the Editing and Drafting UI - We’ve revamped the drafting experience to be more seamless and less obtrusive.

  • A new Broken Link Report - View daily reports on broken links in all of your Sites and use the new Link Checker Summary widget to track progress on fixing links.

  • Stale Content Filtering - Filter down your Stale Content Dashboard and see only what you want to see.

Today we highlight one of the most exciting new features included in the Cascade Server 7 12 release, the Broken


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