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HighEdWeb 2014: Recap

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Good content attracts the right audience, but it also repels those who aren't a good fit for your organization.

We’re back from HighEdWeb, which took place in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon this year. We thoroughly enjoyed talking to all of you smart and creative web professionals who genuinely care about higher education organizations and their online presence. It was not only a fun, but also a highly informative conference with a plethora of fantastic presentations. Here are some takeaways.

It’s Not Just About Technology

While there was a good number of technical presentations as well as sessions that covered specific products and technologies, the focus this year appeared to be on the human component of the web Perhaps the


Hannon Hill's 12 Favorite Content and Marketing Tools

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12 Favorite Content and Marketing Tools

Most marketing departments use more tools than they can count. Lately it seems like there is a new marketing tool popping up every day. So while our favorites regularly change, here are 12 of our current favorite content and marketing tools.

Where to Find Content


Feedly is a news aggregator app for web or mobile, which makes it a great way to work on the go. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources that you select and categorize, helping to cut down on noise and making finding quality content easier.


Want to know what content is currently trending Check out Buzzsumo Buzzsumo shows you want content is being


HighEdWeb's Must See Speakers

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HighEdWeb's Must See Speakers

Higher Education Web Professionals Association’s (HighEdWeb) Annual Conference starts this Sunday and features over 70 presentations from industry leaders. With so many presentations to choose from, it can be hard to know which to pick. We're a bit biased but we’d like to suggest checking out some our Cascade Server clients' presentations this year.

Automate all the things with Yo, Grunt and Bower

Marcello Prattico - Director of Web Services, Syracuse University

Monday, 3:00 - 3:45 p.m. 

Yo, Grunt and Bower are new ways to help you streamline you site/app building process Grunt is a task manager that can do lots of cool


HighEdWeb Annual Conference – Portland, Oregon Oct. 19-22

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HighEdWeb Annual Conference Logo

It’s time for Higher Education Web Professionals Association’s (HighEdWeb) Annual Conference and we wouldn’t miss it for anything!  This year’s conference will be hosted in Portland, Oregon from October 19th to the 22nd, at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower.

How to stay in the loop…

The official conference website can be found at You can get live updates from HighEdWeb via their Twitter account @HighEdWeb, and also follow the conference’s hashtag, #heweb14.

Why we’re excited…

This year’s keynote speakers will be: Dr. Moira Gunn


Announcing the Cascade Server Exchange

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Those of you who attended our 9th annual Cascade Server User Conference back in September already know about a new resource that we released to the community: the Cascade Server Exchange. It’s a place where our customers can find tutorials, videos, and a plethora of downloadable code and sites. You can browse through various categories or perform a simple search. Whether you are using XSLT or Velocity, we have examples and modules ready for you to use and customize to your needs.

Some of the downloadables include a social media mashup, a form builder and processor, a faculty directory, a course catalog, a calendar of events, and a blog


New Site Rollout: University of Richmond

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A few weeks ago, University of Richmond rolled out its new main website,, powered by Cascade Server. Take a look!

University of Richmond home page

The site is fully responsive and achieves the highest level of cross-browser compatibility. A lot of research went into determining how to deliver the information and imagery that resonates the most with prospective students, faculty, and staff.

The design was integrated into the CMS with a key goal in mind: to provide maximum levels of customization for content managers Cascade Server’s Data Definitions allow contributors to enter content in a structured manner, which is ideal for cross-site


Should You Concern Yourself with Web Governance?

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While content strategy is arguably the hottest term in the marketing and communications arena right now, there’s another topic that’s gaining an increased amount of traction, particularly in larger, more decentralized organizations such as colleges and universities: web governance Interestingly, higher education was among the first sectors to talk about web governance, even before it embraced content strategy Web governance defines the resources (both technical and human), policies, and procedures to manage and maintain an organization’s web presence Here are a few good reasons why investing in web governance makes a


Takeaways from the 2014 Cascade Server User Conference

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Record attendance at the user conference

Another great Cascade Server User Conference is in the books. Since it was our biggest one so far, we actually had to upgrade to larger capacity rooms this year, and we had more sessions than ever before. So many new customers joined our community this year, and it was wonderful to interact with them during their first experience of our family reunion. I hope everyone had a lot of fun and came back with a plethora of ideas. Here are some key takeaways from #CSUC14.

Anticipating “The Ocho”

As always, Bradley Wagner, our VP of Engineering, kicked things off by presenting the product roadmap He discussed both short term and long


Easy Steps to Get You Started with Google Analytics

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ATV logo

After a few months in our new office here at the Atlanta Tech Village, it is safe to say we are digging our new digs! As we had mentioned in our previous post, there are many perks to being in this new office. The other day, I was able to take advantage of one of those perks and attend one of the village workshop events which focused on Google Analytics.

When I combine many of the things I learned during the workshop, they become a great base for getting the most out of your analytic data. Here are few simple ideas that you can easily implement to transform your analytic research:

Web analytics follow a cycle and knowing the steps is


Triple Threat: Extending Cascade Server with Ecommerce & Centralized Analytics

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Post by Mark Dirks, CEO of Beacon Technologies

I enjoyed playing basketball when I was younger. I wasn’t tall enough to really compete, but I did learn about the “triple threat position.” From this position, you gain a big offensive advantage because you have 3 solid options. You can jump-shoot, dribble-drive past the defender, or pass to a teammate.  It’s about versatility.

Similarly, in baseball, we have the “Triple Crown.” To win it, you have to do 3 things better than anyone else. You must have the highest batting average, the most homeruns and the most runs-batted-in  It’s a rare feat


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