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Customer Spotlight: Georgia Tech Scheller School of Business

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As search engines are placing an increased emphasis on the freshness of web content, colleges and universities are faced with the challenge of keeping their pages up to date at all times. Hannon Hill customers are leveraging some of the tools that we provide with our products, such as the editorial calendar, the Stale Content Report, and the Content Up for Review Report, to ensure that content creation and updates remain top of mind However, freshness does not only involve the publication of new pages, but also the sharing of content across multiple pages (and multiple sites) While fresh, original content doesn’t write itself, there


Confab Higher Ed 2014 Recap

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This past week we attended the Confab Higher Ed conference, so let’s run through some of the amazing highlights from this year’s program. Let me first say the Confab events committee are a great bunch of folks and the attendee list for the Confab Higher Ed conference is always a high energy group. Higher education institutions from across the country send those charged with content strategy efforts for their campus to this program which tackles a variety of content challenges found in their industry.

Some Takeaways

Building Relationships is Essential to Success

This seemed to be theme throughout the program this year There were


What's Been Happening at Hannon Hill

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Things at Hannon Hill have been hopping, and we decided to slow down for a minute and share some of the fun news and times we’ve had over the past couple months! 

Atlanta Tech Village

Our last culture post highlighted our official move to the Atlanta Tech Villageor ATV as everyone here calls it  The building was close to completion but not quite there yet when we moved in this summer We're happy to share that construction is pretty much complete and things sure look snazzy around here Even our beautiful new rooftop opened We celebrated the grand opening in style with our fellow tenants this past week at the Village Block


AMA Higher Ed 2014: Recap

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 AMA Higher Ed 2014

This year we attended the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education for the first time. It’s safe to say it greatly exceeded our expectations. AMA Higher Ed was filled with great presentations, excellent social media coverage, and some very fun attendees. 

Major Takeaways

Be Authentic

Don’t try to be something you’re not Students can tell immediately when a brand isn’t being real on social media Many students said they would look to a university’s hashtags to see what the school was promoting The easiest way to tell a consistent story, is to tell the real story, then there’s


Popular CSS, jQuery, and HTML Tips (and Where to Find Them)

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Popular CSS, jQuery, and HTML Tips (and Where to Find Them)

There are 1,000’s of code and design websites to explore, and no one has the time to check them all out.  So lately we’ve been trying to share some of the more awesome CSS, jQuery, HTML, and other web dev tips we’ve been finding around the web. To make life a little easier, we put together some of our go-to sites, and included some of our community’s favorite posts.

Getting To Know Flux, the React.js Architecture

"Today we will be learning about how Facebook’s Flux Architecture works, and how to use it in your own projects!"

Build A Real-Time Twitter Stream with Node and React.js

"Today we are


The 2014 Cascade Server User Conference Photos Are Available!

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Our professional photographers and friends at 35 Atlanta did a great job capturing this year’s User Conference experience. We have definitely got some great snapshots from the Welcome Reception and Cassies Awards night along with photos of the giant Jenga game and tasty donut break we had on Tuesday afternoon. Presentation days and all, we got it covered in the albums below. We welcome you to take a look at them, and feel free to post and share these with your colleagues!

We hope you


Cascade Server 7.12.1 and 7.12.2 Released, Introduces a New Locator Tool Query API

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Cascade Server 7.12.1 and 7.12.2 Released

We recently announced two new patch releases for our flagship CMS, Cascade Server 7.12.1 and 7.12.2. These latest releases include some new features, as well as some improvements to existing ones.

For your reference, here are the release notes for both patches:

Now to recap, Cascade Server 7.12 included enhancements to the user experience and other features of Cascade Server, such as:

  • Adjustments to the Editing and Drafting UI - We’ve revamped the drafting experience to be more seamless and less obtrusive.
  • A new Broken Link Report - View daily reports on broken links in all of


A Content Marketer’s 6 Worst Nightmares

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A Content Marketer's 6 Worst Nightmares
#1 - Reading something and thinking to yourself “Ugh, who wrote that!? Oh wait...I did.”

Nothing is more humbling than coming across something that you thought was good at the time and realizing it wasn’t as good as you thought. While you can’t go back and change it, you can learn for the next time. The only way to become a better writer is to write.

#2 - Accidentally tweeting something meant for your personal account, on your company’s account.

If you catch your mistake fast enough, delete delete delete If you didn’t and your audience has already found your goof, weight the cost of deleting the post


HighEdWeb 2014: Recap

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Good content attracts the right audience, but it also repels those who aren't a good fit for your organization.

We’re back from HighEdWeb, which took place in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon this year. We thoroughly enjoyed talking to all of you smart and creative web professionals who genuinely care about higher education organizations and their online presence. It was not only a fun, but also a highly informative conference with a plethora of fantastic presentations. Here are some takeaways.

It’s Not Just About Technology

While there was a good number of technical presentations as well as sessions that covered specific products and technologies, the focus this year appeared to be on the human component of the web Perhaps the


Hannon Hill's 12 Favorite Content and Marketing Tools

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12 Favorite Content and Marketing Tools

Most marketing departments use more tools than they can count. Lately it seems like there is a new marketing tool popping up every day. So while our favorites regularly change, here are 12 of our current favorite content and marketing tools.

Where to Find Content


Feedly is a news aggregator app for web or mobile, which makes it a great way to work on the go. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources that you select and categorize, helping to cut down on noise and making finding quality content easier.


Want to know what content is currently trending Check out Buzzsumo Buzzsumo shows you want content is being


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