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Great Success at HighEdWeb-Pitt Last Week

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Last week, we kicked off our third year of involvement with the HighEdWeb Regional conferences with their first event of the year in Pittsburgh, PA! This one-day conference was packed with sessions about web teams working together for the greater good of the universities and colleges where they work.

From web governance and social media strategy to student involvement and the power of people behind content, one thing was for sure: teams were a central theme of this conference.

And of course, there is no content without people We couldn’t agree with this sentiment more Our entire team from engineers to professional services, sales to


Quick Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your University's Email Campaigns

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It’s likely that the Marketing/Branding departments on most campuses are charged with sending out email campaigns covering topics ranging anywhere from updates from the President all the way down to reminders of upcoming on-campus events. Regardless of the type of content covered, there are numerous aspects to consider when looking to have these types of campaigns result in higher involvement numbers.

Don’t Make it Look Like Spam

Now not all campuses come with the same budget and staffing sizes Trust me I understand that having worked in higher education myself That being said though, it should be avoided if possible when


Content is King but Customer Experience is Next in Line

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It's no surprise that good experiences grab customers and bad experiences push them away. And in today's technology-driven age of information sharing, bad experiences can be shared faster than ever before. Hundreds, even thousands of people, can hear about how unsatisfied you are with a company in under 60 seconds.

I've had two different conversations recently that I thought were very telling of why Customer Experience (CX) plays such an important role in the way that consumers think.

The first was with a group of people that live in my neighborhood I asked for some recommendations on where they go to get their pets (dogs in particular)


How Did Your School Celebrate April Fool’s Day?

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I’m a sucker for a well done prank. Let’s just get that out there. I will sit in my car in a parking lot for an extra 10 minutes at my destination if a radio show has promised me a prank phone call.  When they do finally get to playing it, I will literally be smiling from ear to ear and giggling out loud all by myself in my car, as the recipient of the prank gets more and more upset about whatever it is that someone has decided to do to mess with them. I still get a kick out of the Messin’ with Sasquatch commercials for beef jerky. I can’t help it.

I don’t know what that says about me as a person that I


Callouts: What Your Campus Should Be Using Them For

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call to action blog

The design of your organization’s site involves many aesthetic aspects for capturing a visitor’s eye. One popular marketing tactic found on most organization sites are callouts. Callouts should be a smaller amount of copy and perhaps a graphic which draws your visitor in and entices them to click on the link which would redirect them to the highlighted topic or feature. There are some definite items your callouts should be used for, including the following:

Promoting Special Dates and Events

Is your university currently coming up on the deadline for spring enrollment or maybe your campus is hosting a series of events to


Cascade Server Hidden Gems Series: The Velocity Tool Edition

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gem three

As of Cascade Server 7.4, two new tools have been added to the Cascade Velocity scripting toolbox. The Locator Tool dynamically locates assets in Cascade Server in the form of Cascade Server API objects. The Property Tool enumerates over the properties and methods exposed by a given Velocity object.

For the non-techies, this means that in your Velocity Formats you can grab (locate) any asset and access its data (metadata, Data Definitions, properties, etc.) without that asset’s data being included through the use of a Block.

It should be noted that the Property Tool simply displays the available data structure for a Cascade Server


Upcoming Webinar: Bring Sexy Back to your Content - Content Strategy and Content Marketing with Ahava Liebtag

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Last May, I was fortunate to be able to attend a fabulous content strategy conference called Confab in Minneapolis, MN. They had an incredible lineup of speakers, wonderful networking opportunities and so many sessions that I wish I had brought the whole team with me to soak up all the content marketing goodness. It truly was one of those conferences that made me come home thinking, “I can do anything!”

In fact, it was so inspirational and so in line with Hannon Hill’s commitment to bridging the gap between content management and content strategy (see: Spectate) that we decided to sponsor the first ever Confab for Higher Ed


How GCCCD's Meeting Manager was implemented on their Cascade Server powered intranet

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Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District (GCCCD) has been using Cascade Server as their CMS of choice since 2010, after switching over from SharePoint. While many of our customers roll out their external websites first, GCCCD decided to integrate their intranet into the district web site with Cascade Server immediately, before tackling the two college sites.

The objective was to enable users to create a Meeting object and associate all pertinent data and files with it Cascade Server then automatically formats a table sorted by year and then date descending The table also needed to be formatted to be accessible Here’s what a


It's Not About Luck. It's About Full Team Engagement

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In one of our previous blog posts, I pointed out several examples that show just how much Hannon Hill embraces a content marketing culture As you know, for many years, we’ve been evangelizing the importance of developing and maintaining a content strategy to deliver high caliber, diverse, and original content to different segments of your audience But you’ve got to practice what you preach That’s why everybody in the company is involved in content creation One of the things that I love about Hannon Hill is that there truly are no silos, not physically (we don’t even have cubicles) and certainly not


Cascade Server Named a University Business Magazine 2013 Readers’ Choice Top Product

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Earlier this year, UB Tech recognized Cascade Server in its annual University Business Readers’ Choice Top Products awards, placing our CMS as one of the most innovative products in higher education. We are honored that University Business readers voted for Cascade Server as their favorite web content management system.

The winners were selected by the editors of University Business from hundreds of nominations submitted by readers, based on both the quantity of nominations and the quality of the nominees’ testimony of the product. 

“The fact that we saw an increased response in the second year of this recognition


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