Administration Menus


The system menu is the focal point for administrator-oriented tasks in Cascade CMS. It's accessible by clicking the system menu button (  ) in the upper right-hand corner of the interface.

From this menu, you can access the following areas:

  • Publish Queue (when viewed in a site) - View active and scheduled publish jobs.
  • Reports - View reports geared towards monitoring user activity and content creation and management.
  • Sites - View and manage sites in the system and create or import new sites.
  • Administration - The administration menu is divided into several areas where system-wide preferences and tools can be accessed.
    • Security & Authentication - Manage user/group/role permissions and LDAP/custom authentication.
    • Tools - View system information and logs, alter the system's logging configuration, and send system-wide announcements to users.
    • Manage Triggers & Plug-ins - Manage custom plug-ins created for Asset Factories, workflows, and publishing.
    • Preferences - Manage system preferences and the system dictionary, update the product license, enable the page-level WCAG 2.0 accessibility checker, and configure the system default WYSIWYG editor configuration.
    • Search - Search and replace content and rebuild the search indexes.
    • Database Tools - Run database-related maintenance operations as needed.
  • Knowledge Base - A link to this documentation.
  • About Cascade CMS - Information about the current product and database versions.