Tech Tips

Feb 15
Maintaining accessible websites is a huge priority for those in higher education or government. This blog post announces the release a webinar recording that explains key elements of site accessibility.

Feb 06
In this blog post, we talk to UNK about their accessibility plan, best practices, and recommendations for other organizations.

Jan 30
In this blog post from Hannon Hill, learn how the University of Dayton’s IT and Marketing teams work together to create a successful recruiting website.

Jan 24
We’re committed to giving teams the tools they need to create and manage quality sites. In this blog, we highlight some of the ways users do more together with Cascade CMS.

Jan 16
We’re always looking for new ways to help teams accomplish more, together. In this blog post, we highlight an exciting new feature that allows SiteImprove users to access helpful information within Cascade CMS.

Dec 05
The talented designers, developers, and admins that create and maintain our clients’ sites are awesome. In this post, we highlight some of the most impressive work.

Nov 09
There’s so much to consider when preparing to for a site redesign. Read this blog post to learn which features have no place on your new site.

Nov 01
The latest versions of content management systems include lots of features that older ones may not. Take this quick quiz to see if it's time to trade up so you don't miss out.

Oct 31
Digital marketing unites techies and creatives to attract and keep customers. This blog explains how leaders can facilitate better collaboration the two groups.

Oct 18
The latest version of Cascade CMS allows users to publish content to Amazon’s Simple Storage Service. Read this blog to learn more about Cascade’s new publishing capabilities and what it means for your team.

Oct 04
A website redesign helps your company change how it interacts with digital audiences. This blog highlights how to complete a redesign and who should help with the effort.

Sep 27
Well-documented Web governance processes keep sites running like well-oiled machines. In this blog post, we explain what web governance is, why it matters, and how to build one.

Sep 05
It can be difficult to keep up with all the systems in your tech stack and understand why you have so many. This piece discusses the unique value of two complementary systems so you know whether both are necessary.

Aug 30
At Hannon Hill, client feedback dictates major changes to products. This blog highlights notable changes to Cascade CMS that started as client suggestions.

Aug 24
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical element of any digital marketing strategy. This blog highlights five relatively unknown ways to improve search engine results page ranking.

Aug 23
In this blog post from Hannon Hill, we guide you through creating a Cascade 8 upgrade guide with examples from Reed College, University of Montana, and Salisbury University.

Aug 02
The latest version of Cascade CMS introduces new features that make collaboration and organization even easier in the system. This blog highlights some of the key improvements associated with this update.

Jul 20
Cascade CMS is designed with our clients in mind, that is why so many product updates come from user suggestions.This blog explains how to version Site Management modules, one of the most requested product features among our client community.

Jul 11
Multiplatform publishing makes content distribution easy, especially when it is enabled by your CMS. This blog explains why this feature is essential for modern CMSs.

Jul 05
Keeping up with digital content can be difficult without the right tools, which is why we developed Daily Content Reports for Cascade CMS. This blog post introduces a new product feature that helps users track content, tasks, and other activities.

Jun 27
Help people of all abilities access content on your site with this guide on accessibility. Learn who you help, what you gain and why content accessibility is so important.

Jun 22
As organizations create more content to attract, inform and entertain customers, software systems are installed to help them keep track of all the files. In this blog, we discuss two ways companies manage and distribute content.

Jun 15
Artificial intelligence is behind many of the tools and applications marketers can use to achieve their digital goals. This post explains AI and how marketers can use it to improve efficiency.

Jun 06
This blog post helps users navigate the crowded market of content management systems with an easy-to-follow explanation of how CMSs store and present content. We also share three reasons we think a decoupled CMS is the way to go.

Mar 23
Editor Configurations offer powerful features for configuring how users edit their content. Cascade 8.3 introduces reusable WYSIWYG Editor Configurations that provide popular features including fine-grained control over the WYSIWYG editor's appearance and functionality.

Mar 21
Most of us have heard of targeted content delivery, but how do we take it from concept to reality? Let’s take a look at targeted content delivery, why it’s important, and how your organization can get started.

Feb 21
In this blog post from Hannon Hill, we explain the reasons why organizations are now consolidating their templates.

Feb 14
Incorporating targeted content on your website is crucial to providing a great user experience. Read about a few examples to include on your website.

Feb 07
In this blog post from Hannon Hill, learn why reusing your existing content is one of the best things you can do for your website.

Jan 24
Research shows that the top three channels for researching colleges are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and use social media channels in the most impactful way possible.

Dec 06
Google Analytics is a powerful tool for understanding the performance of your web pages. If you feel like your site can be more successful, ask yourself these five questions that Google Analytics can help answer.

Jul 19
In this blog post from Hannon Hill, we take a look at how virtual reality tours are convincing prospective students to further pursue colleges and universities.

Jun 16
In this blog post from Hannon Hill, we explain how a push-based CMS with customizable users, groups, and rules helps you manage sensitive information in a secure environment.

May 26
In this blog post from Hannon Hill, we take a look at our free-to-use Universal Migration Tool, which has helped hundreds of Cascade CMS users migrate content from Luminis CMS, Serena Collage, Drupal, and more.

Jan 28
In this blog post from Hannon Hill, we explain what a workflow is, how it should be used, and best practices for using workflows in Cascade CMS.

Mar 26
As of Cascade Server 7.4, two new tools have been added to the Cascade Velocity scripting toolbox. The Locator Tool dynamically locates assets in Cascade Server in the form of Cascade Server API objects. The Property Tool enumerates over the properties and methods exposed by a given Velocity object.

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